Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Deploys Microsoft Dynamics GP: A Sticky Situation Solved

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the reputable and undeniably delicious candy store, had an inadequate management system that was making business processes difficult and inefficient. The Chocolate Factory was also adding several new stores and needed a new system to address their growth. They decided to use Great Plains accounting software. In 2001, Great Plains was acquired by Microsoft. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory decided to upgrade their software to Microsoft’s Dynamics GP software for business management.

The new Microsoft GP software was just what their company needed to handle their extensive growth. Microsoft Dynamics is a line of easy-to-use business management software that automates financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. Brian Kerzner, President of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Canada, said, “I have zero concern about scaling up our company with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s very easy. We could add another 50 stores and this system would handle it.”

Rocky Mountain was using old cash registers which made for a slow transaction process, long lines, and customer frustration. The company had trouble finding certain information because their data was spread over a variety of applications. They needed a “big picture” application where they could see all the information they needed from one point.

The Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System was just what Rocky Mountain needed to organize and manage their data from a secure application. The system was initially installed in 2005, but new stores continue to open every day and each one deploys Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Now, the users can control reports and share data with all employees within the system, increasing collaboration. Employees can manage tens of thousands of transactions in one day.

Kerzner said, “It’s a full-circle, full-service solution. The software’s been bulletproof. It’s very usable by staff, particularly with a touchscreen. Its IBM hardware works well. Even in our sticky counter environment, we don’t have problems. It’s done well for us.”

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been trouble free for Rocky Mountain. The system has increased their customer loyalty and their business efficiency. Sales can now be processed in 25% of the time it used to take. Corporate can poll their stores’ data whenever they want to. Also, training new staff members is faster than ever.

Since the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Rocky Mountain’s revenue has dramatically increased. Shorter lines has increased the number of customers because it is a quick stop instead of a timely outing.

Kerzner said, “We expected this system to do everything, and it hasn’t disappointed us.” This success story is one of many. Read about the rest of Microsoft Dynamics’ website.

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