ERP Software Helps Library Company Yield Huge Profit

Sunder Rajan, owner and founder of India’s Just Books, has found a way to gain a wide public appeal for libraries through the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Software engineer Rajan started up a small library near his home in Bangalore, India, in 2008. Just Books achieved a surprisingly successful launch, gaining 1,000 members its opening month. After opening up multiple locations in the city, the goal of the company was integration. Rajan wanted customers to be able to pick up a book at one location easily and quickly and have the option of returning it to a different location across town.

To achieve the level of organization and efficiency that was required to keep the rapidly growing Just Books afloat, Rajan enlisted a team of his old colleagues from iFlex (which has since become Oracle Financial Services) to build an ERP solution for his company.

The ERP solution that was subsequently engineered is able to integrate all aspects of administering the vast library and utilizes every available resource. Using the ERP software, Just Books runs like a machine in providing books for its consumers. The company has set up warehouses that are integrated with every store location to make communication easier and more efficient. These warehouses are filled with books that are ready to be transported to any location with just the touch of a button.

In the library itself, customers are able to find and check out books in a matter of minutes using self-help kiosks that direct them to the locations of the books they are looking for. If the customer does not want the bother of entering the library at all, Just Books will deliver and pick up books from their homes.

Sunder Rajan has, in a sense, “IKEA-ized” the library industry, allowing consumers to find and take home books at the click of a mouse. What started out as a small town business has, with the help of ERP software, grown into a hugely successful company with 30 locations spanning across four cities.

Although developing a successful library company seems to be an almost impossible task in today’s tech-savvy world, Rajan has implemented ERP solutions to help him expand and develop Just Books and has subsequently yielded a significant profit.

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