Epicor Partners with HCL to Meet Growing Demand for Software

Epicor Software Corporation recently announced its long-term partnership agreement with HCL Technologies to help accommodate the increasing demand for Epicor’s ERP products worldwide.

HCL, an IT services company with headquarters in California, will aid in the expansion of Epicor’s service capacity and will help meet the increasing demand for those services. HCL Technologies possess extensive expertise in the implementation and integration of Epicor software, and they will utilize Epicor’s “Signature Implementation Methodology” to make software implementation seamless and smooth for Epicor customers.

The “Signature Implementation Methodology” has been tested and utilized by Epicor Software Corporation for years and has been proven to be successful in thousands of software implementations. The system has been developed to support clients with small scale implementation needs as well as those with more comprehensive and integrated requirements on a larger scale.

Epicor Software Corporation, which has just recently combined with Activant Solutions Inc., provides business software solutions to the distribution, manufacturing, retail and service industries. The demand for their next-generation business software programs has been steadily increasing across industries worldwide, and the combined partnership with HCL Technologies will help ease the pressure from the company while also providing enhanced customer service for their clients.

The business software company has almost 33,000 clients spanning across more than 150 countries, and with the help of HCL they will be able to provide for those clients optimized service and support for the software.

In a statement released by the company, Epicor expresses its excitement with the partnership, citing the fact that the combined resources of the companies will result in greater ease and support for Epicor clients using their business software.

Dave Fogel, the Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services and Consulting of Epicor, explains the unique benefits that will result from the partnership: “The combination of Epicor’s innovative approach to ERP coupled with HCL’s implementation and integration expertise offers Epicor customers additional flexibility and comfort in ensuring they meet their ERP project goals on time and on budget.”

The partnership between HCL Technologies and Epicor Software will provide the latter company with the resources to continue its development of high quality business software as well as with the means to enhance the level of support for its clients.


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