Top SCM Vendors and How They Can Help Your Company

If your goals are maximizing profitability over the long haul and hanging on to your place in the market, you may be among many organizations who are looking at top SCM vendors and the solutions they provide. The SCM software industry is believed to exceed $7.4 billion and growing. Benefits top SCM vendors can offer include greater visibility than you can get with manual strategies, alongside the ability to manage activities across your suppliers, multiple facilities and plants – all the way from tracking your orders to acquiring raw materials and distributing your products.

Seamless Linkages: Benefit of Top SCM Vendors, Including Plex

Plex remains a leader among top SCM vendors. The solution allows you to effortlessly send and receive e-documents, without compromising industry-specific standards. A built-in system for controlling problems lets you track, solve and record any issues you may have throughout your supply chain. If you’re planning to launch a new product or make serious changes to existing products, built-in features for handling these changes are offered from Plex.

Reduce Manual Effort with Top SCM Vendors

When metal fabricator Jagemann Stamping Company needed to upgrade its pieced-together SCM information processes into one system that cut costs, organizational leaders selected Plex. Within less than six months, the company was utilizing better visibility to production data, enhanced quality of its products and more productivity. Half of the organization’s IT team was deployed to other strategically-focused tasks, and with new SCM traceability, it only takes seconds to complete supply chain tasks that used to require a half hour of effort.

Lifecyle Focus Evident Among Top SCM Vendors, Such as Intelex

Intelex stands out as a top SCM vendor for its lifecycle-based focus. Every piece of your supply chain – from registering your vendors, assessing the quality of your suppliers to resolving supply chain challenges – can be categorized and managed. Using specific categorization tools, such as performance ratings or nonconformance notes and product descriptions, you can keep your total data set for your supplier workflow in a central repository everyone, with the right permission, can access.

With additional tools like the ability to schedule calibrations or equipment inspections, along with the freedom to sort and study even historical data about any possible nonconformity, Intelex simplifies the complex processes along your supply chain. Intelex’s web-based solutions can help you reach your top standards of quality while maintaining strict supply chain compliance standards, with experience spanning dozens of complex industries.

Infor Unites Transportation, Warehousing Management

Infor can help you make tough supply chain decisions easier, especially if your industry reaches multiple locations that you need to keep in sync. Infor SCM solutions offer strong automation and planning tools, including Infor Supply Chain Planning, Infor10 Supply Chain Execution and Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning. With the Supply Chain Planning tool, you can know in an instant how you’re balancing your inventory against product demand, and make forecasting predictions that reflect data from across all levels of your supply chain.

With the Infor10 Supply Chain Execution tool, get one picture of your inventory, warehouse operations, labor, transportation updates and even stats on your third-party partners. It’s among only a few SCM solutions that bring together your management needs for your transportation processes alongside your warehouse management processes – letting you clearly decide between elements like speed, price and accuracy. Comprehensive dispatching tools mean you can get the most from your transportation and distribution fleets, as well as group shipments for maximum pricing value.

While your options for SCM vendors are many, each of these top SCM vendors offers you processes to locate supply chain problems early, cut down on expensive delays and know where you stand in regard to mission-critical information.

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