Compare SaaS ERP Solutions for Small Businesses

SaaS-based ERP vendors are aware that not all companies can invest huge startup money on an on-premise solution, nor do they have the IT resources available to implement or manage the hardware and software necessary for an on-premise solution. Going the SaaS route, companies reap the benefits of what an on-premise solution has to offer, but without the hassle. Here are a few of the top ERP solutions for small businesses.

Compare ERP Solutions for Small Businesses: Netsuite

Netsuite, the top web-based business software suite, offers business management software that gives you and your employees the tools to manage your entire business and streamline your operations. As you compare ERP solutions for small businesses, you’ll see that by going with SaaS, you’re eliminating IT maintenance and upgrade costs, and you’re guaranteed 99.5 percent uptime.

The SaaS solution also gives users portals, which allow your customers and partners to collaborate with you and improves customer satisfaction and sales. As you compare ERP solutions for small businesses, you’ll find that Netsuite’s ERP software gives you comprehensive management of accounting, reporting, budgeting, and other financial responsibilities. Remember, it’s all in the cloud, which means your updates are automatic and the implementation process is painless.

Compare ERP Solutions for Small Businesses: Intacct

Intacct SaaS added a project accounting module last year and have integrated with Clarizen to offer project management/PSA solutions which bundles a relationship that improves on expense entry and service ticket management. This improvement reduces the amount of time a user has to enter redundant data into the system. If you compare ERP solutions for small businesses, you’ll see that Intacct’s tools, though built for companies of any size, also has solutions directed at small businesses that are eager to get into the SaaS ERP arena.

Intact is a member of the AICPA’s Trusted Business Advisor program, which brings together collectively accounting firms as well as their small business clients. By joining Intacct through an AICPA member CPA firm, small businesses get the least expensive prices on Intacct’s financial management offerings. Intacct has also teamed with Salesforce CRM, which allows Intacct to remain focused on accounting software while giving its customers a powerful CRM tool in Salesforce.

When you compare ERP solutions for the small business, you’ll see that Intacct has deep accounting functionality, and some reviewers say it is most useful for small businesses that are moving on from QuickBooks and are automating their accounting software for the first time.

Compare ERP Solutions for Small Businesses: Workday

Workday’s web-based ERP system, like Netsuite and Intacct, offers no hardware, software, installations, and there is no database to purchase. It uses a multi-tenancy model, which allows users to share the same solution without ever seeing the other user’s data. This allows IT staff to focus on other issues and leave the management and updates to Workday. As you compare ERP solutions for small businesses, notice that Workday’s multi-tenancy makes a difference in that it offers real SaaS service.

All customers are secure on the same version of the software and security walls isolate each customer, which protects their data. Workday’s premise for pushing its multi-tenancy platform is that going in such a direction allows the company to expend its resources driving innovation rather than supporting multiple versions of their software.

As you compare ERP solutions for small businesses, you’ll see that Workday offers free updates (which are included with your subscription fee), always gives users the latest version of their product, and supports configuration options.

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