AMR’s 2010 Supply Chain Top 25

AMR, a research company, has compiled their list of 2010’s Supply Chain Top 25. The Top 25 are businesses that have yielded the most success from implementing a supply chain software solution. This is the 6th annual Supply Chain Top 25. The winners were announced at a conference in Arizona a few days ago. The goal of the Supply Chain Top 25 is to raise awareness of the supply chain management segment and how supply chain software can impact a company.

“By embedding product and process innovation in supply chain operations and consciously managing and shaping demand from a customer, production and fulfillment standpoint, the companies included in our Top 25 are doing a lot more than just shipping,” said VP at AMR Research Kevin O’Marah.

“Twenty years ago, a typical product company had supply chain reporting to manufacturing, with responsibility mainly for inbound materials management and outbound shipping,” said AMR Executive, Debra Hoffman. “New data shows that supply chain reports to manufacturing in only 6 percent of companies surveyed, while 61 percent have the head of supply chain reporting directly to the CEO, general manager or president of the business. It seems clear that supply chain has grown up and the business has taken notice.”

Here’s a list of the Supply Chain Top 25 from AMY:

“Many companies focus primarily on supply chain execution,” said Hoffman. “With ever-increasing unpredictability of demand, leaders also focus on improving their ability to sense changes and patterns in their environment–changes in demand, design, supplier risk and more-earlier than their competition.”

AMR designed the Chain Supply Top 25 is designed to draw attention to the importance of supply chain software implementation. The Top 25 are businesses that have optimized their success thanks supply chain software usage. The rankings are based on financial and public opinion.

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