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Supply Chain and Cap and Trade, Carbon Footprint Reduction

As carbon emission rates steadily increase each year, environmental initiatives are starting to make good business sense. Now more than ever, companies should optimize effective and sustainable “green” supply chains by reevaluating their supply chain. In 2006, California legislature passed AB-32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, which sets the 2020 green house gases (GHG) emission […]

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The Green Supply Chain

In a recent trend, corporate multinational organizations have started to help their suppliers track energy, materials and carbon emissons. These organizations have started to utilize supply chain management software to go green. This is due in large part because with the help from life-cycle analysis’, companies are able to not only lower their carbon footprint […]

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Urban Outfitters Optimizes Supply Chain with Manhattan Associates’ SCOPE

Recently, Urban Outfitters announced their decision to implement the Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management solution (WMS) to optimize their distribution network and help their ERP system. The solution was also implemented in London to support their European retail operations. Urban Outfittters has already seen significant results. Manhattan Associates Inc. follows their SCOPE module, which is supply […]

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AMR’s 2010 Supply Chain Top 25

AMR, a research company, has compiled their list of 2010’s Supply Chain Top 25. The Top 25 are businesses that have yielded the most success from implementing a supply chain software solution. This is the 6th annual Supply Chain Top 25. The winners were announced at a conference in Arizona a few days ago. The […]

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2010 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine has announced their 9th annual listing of the Supply & Demand Executive 100. The list is comprised of 100 supply chain solution providers, consultants and other organizations that are focused on transforming the way supply and demand chains operate. This year, the magazine themes were ‘supply chain excellence’and ‘preparing […]

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