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Supply Chain and Cap and Trade, Carbon Footprint Reduction

As carbon emission rates steadily increase each year, environmental initiatives are starting to make good business sense. Now more than ever, companies should optimize effective and sustainable “green” supply chains by reevaluating their supply chain. In 2006, California legislature passed AB-32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, which sets the 2020 green house gases (GHG) emission […]

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Benefits of Supply Chain Management

As companies continue to grow and extend themselves, company processes are not as easily governed and monitored. This may cause problems as vulnerabilities within the system open up and companies can become a target of criminal activity such as fraud and theft. In order to control and limit these possible vulnerabilities, it makes it important […]

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Top Supply Chain Management Software Vendors

The market for SCM Software continues to grow as the number increased from 2006 to 2007. It is expected that the Supply Chain Management Software Market will continue to grow up to the year 2010 and even later. All aspects of SCM Software showed growth with companies showing more interest in Supply Chain Software. The […]

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