Why your Business Should Consider Open Source ERP

The implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a costly endeavor. Despite the promise of a worthwhile return on investment (ROI), companies that are looking for an inexpensive solution upfront could find a happy medium in open source ERP software. There’s no doubt that an ERP solution is essential in optimizing business efficiency. However, ERP solutions are typically shockingly expensive, especially to business owners in this day and age. Open source ERP solutions give business owners the benefits of ERP without the scary overhead costs.

ERP solutions help businesses manage their operations in one unified system. ERP is designed to improve efficiency, streamline operational costs, and increase overall productivity. Open souce ERP offers the same benefits of ERP but at a lower cost. Open source ERP is cheap ERP software.

There are several other benefits to open source ERP implementation that are worth discussing.  Aside from being inexpensive, Open Source ERP software is easy to implement with a shorter setup timeframe than traditional ERP solutions. With less downtime in the mix, companies can optimize their efficiency.

Cheap open source ERP solutions are becoming increasingly popular amongst the small to medium sized enterprises. SME’s have fewer resources than large companies, not to mention a significantly lower spending budget. SME’s need to rely on cheap ERP software, like open source options, to whip their businesses into shape while avoiding over-spending.

A few popular open source ERP vendors include: Openbravo, Consona Compiere, Apache, TinyERP and PostBooks.

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  1. Paolo Juvara says:

    Although a lower cost option, I would not characterize open source ERP just as “cheap ERP software”.
    A 2009 IDC report shows that, besides lower cost, many ERP adopters consider open source solution because other benefits:
    1) Lower vendor dependence
    2) Easier extensibility and personalization
    3) Use of open standard and future proof
    4) Higher quality
    To this list, I would also add lower risk. Open source ERP allows you to validate that the solution is right for your business before you commit to a purchase decision.

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