Watch Out IBM! Oracle’s ‘Newest’ New ERP Application

Drum roll please…

Oracle unveils yet another new enterprise resource planning (ERP) application this month; the Primavera Portfolio Management 8.  The new application offers companies’ assistance in project portfolio management from conception to execution.

This has been a busy month for the IT giant, as the company is stepping up its efforts to provide new systems solutions platforms for various IT segments.

Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management 8 offers improved accountability for managers, who can now track project progress against historical data and projected milestones. The ERP application can also identify risks and potential impacts by measuring “metric thresholds”, thereby allowing companies to make changes and redistribute their resources to meet those metrics. The benefit of “metric thresholds” is that they allow organizations to maximize their business intelligence and smooth out the kinks in the project management process.

In conjunction with the release of Primavera Portfolio Management 8, Oracle has also launched AutoVue 20.0, Tuxedo 11g, Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch11g, and Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench 11g. Oracle rapid release cycle is a result of their goal to integrate applications into existing portfolios to create complete systems solutions packages for companies. “We’ve already beaten IBM in software. Now we want to beat them in systems,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

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