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Lawson ERP Software Continues to Attract Customers

Lawson Software, a longtime provider of ERP Software Products, has continued its success as they continue to attract a number of new clients. Lawson has been able to sign a number of companies for its many ERP products. The recent announcement of IKEA signing on with Lawson is a result of their longstanding relationship as […]

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ERP Provider Targeting SMEs in Newest ERP Software Launch

The continued expansion and increase in ERP Software use worldwide has fueled a global demand for ERP solutions. Companies all over the world are implementing and looking for new, more updated ways to perform traditional business processes. ERP Providers are beginning to open up towards developing their products towards different companies as the demand for […]

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Deploying a New ERP System Within a Month

Implementation and installation of a completely new business software system can be a hassle for many large companies. But, with the improvement in business software in recent years, deploying new business software such as ERP software can be done in as little as one month. In being able to provide easily scalable business software products […]

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Bolhoff Group Selects Lawson Integrated ERP Software

The Bolhoff Group recently announced that it has decided to choose Lawson Software as its primary ERP Software provider. With Bolhoff’s unique corporate structure, it became increasingly clear to them that it was necessary to adopt a system that could consolidate information across its various sectors and optimize its business processes. Overall, Bolhoff has reported […]

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ERP Software: Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

ERP Industry leaders are planning a live webinar which should provide information and insight for businesses that are interested in replacing or upgrading their current business software. This webinar should be very informative for companies interested in updating outdated business software. A number of companies with years of experience in ERP Software Solutions will provide […]

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Digital China is the #1 ERP Software Provider in China

Digital China continues to maintain a hold on the #1 position in the ERP Software market as they once again maintained the largest share of the ERP Software market. With the rapid improvements made in ERP Software, the global demand for ERP Software has increased, causing new markets for ERP Software to appear in foreign […]

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Impact of SaaS On ERP Market

SaaS continues to have a huge impact on business technology, but the impact on ERP Software may not come as soon as people think. SaaS Software is usually used to offer one specific function such as sales force automation or some other specialized process. Currently, the state of SaaS is not developed enough to offer […]

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Lawson Eyes Expansion of ERP Software into South Asia

Lawson Software is looking to expand the global reach of its ERP Software as it opens operations in India. The introduction of its ERP Software into the India Market should help solidify Lawson Software’s presence in Southern Asia and eventually allow them to introduce their ERP Software to other South Asian countries. The investment in […]

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ERP Software Market Continues To Expand Globally

ERP Software continues to be growing in popularity as countries all over are beginning to realize the potential benefits ERP Software can have on one’s company. Recently, it was reported that the ERP Software Market in Gulf Countries will hit $300 billion by the end of 2009 demonstrating the worldwide interest in ERP Software. Growth […]

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ERP Spending Rising as Demand Increases

ERP Software had long been considered a luxury amongst manufactures for many years. However, that is not the case now as ERP Software is becoming more and more critical to the day to day operations of a successful business. As the need for ERP Software continues to rise, it is natural that ERP software spending […]

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