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SAP’s Strategy Trending Towards Mobile Technology To Gain ERP Market Share

SAP reiterated its focus on delivering its software on-premise, on-demand and on mobile devices and on designing these components in a consistent way to ensure consistent, real-time data. While many of SAP’s users like SAP’s push on mobile, on-demand and in-memory, their core customers remain focused on getting onto the latest ERP release and taking […]

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What Makes A Cost Effective ERP Solution for the Manufacturing Sector

Almost all the popular ERP solutions were developed for the manufacturing sector. Their cost effectiveness is determined by how they match specific company requirements and the functionality of the ERP solution. ERP solutions do more than just automate the present transaction system, in fact, they are meant to improve business processes, remove bottlenecks of the […]

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What Can ERP Do For You?

To the untrained eye, ERP might just look like any other acronym. In the business world, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software are the building blocks to business efficiency. Implementation of ERP software will simplify your business tasks and put your company on 24hr work mode. ERP helps companies automate business processes, control expenses, and manage […]

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Pansoft’s Third Quarter Financial Results

ERP Software service provider, Pansoft, announced their third quarter fiscal results today. Pansoft provides ERP software services for the oil and gas industry in China. Pansoft offers solutions for varied business operations like accounting, CRM, order processing, delivery, invoicing and inventory management. A few highlights of Q3 2010: -Total revenue increased by 62% since last […]

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SAP Acquires Sybase

Breaking ERP news-SAP is acquiring Sybase for $5.8 million. Oracle, are you scared yet? Although it’s only speculation, SAP is said to have made the deal to compete with Oracle. The ERP giant Oracle grew its business after a $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems last year. The  SAP-Sybase cash deal is expected to close […]

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Epicor Aims to Blow NetSuite and SAP Out of the Water

Epicor is joining the on-demand ERP smackdown with a new application aimed at small manufacturing companies as well as competing companies like NetSuite and SAP. Epicor’s Manufacturing Express Edition is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides users with the ability to share a single instance of the software, with their data kept in a separate place. […]

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Soho OS: Free Small Business Utility Platform

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors focus on solutions for medium to large companies. Optimizing ERP processes for micro-businesses is difficult to do because most platforms, although they can be customized for small businesses, aren’t specifically designed for the small business. That’s where Soho OS steps in. Soho OS is a full service small business […]

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ERP Software Will Not Always Work as Planned

Although companies try to plan for any potential problems, there are many things which can prevent things from going as planned. All the planning and preparation in the world can’t prevent unexpected issues from arising when dealing with new issues such as new software implementations. It is impossible to account for hidden problems that are […]

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SYSPRO Secures Another Green Manufacturing ERP Contract

CaliSolar , a private company that produces solar cells, has decided on SYSPRO to provide ERP Software for its rapidly growing company. SYSPRO is growing its reputation as a leading supporter of environmentally friendly manufacturing companies as it signs with another “green manufacturer”. SYSPRO provides companies with a wide range of superior features such as […]

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IBS Delivers Automotive ERP Software

The Rolf Group is a leading car distributor in Russia who has been looking for a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of its operations. After looking through a number of solutions, they have settled on an Automotive ERP Software Solution offered by IBS. This Automotive ERP Solution should help manage many aspects of […]

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