Bolhoff Group Selects Lawson Integrated ERP Software

The Bolhoff Group recently announced that it has decided to choose Lawson Software as its primary ERP Software provider. With Bolhoff’s unique corporate structure, it became increasingly clear to them that it was necessary to adopt a system that could consolidate information across its various sectors and optimize its business processes. Overall, Bolhoff has reported a noticeable improvement in its overall business processes.

Lawson Software was chosen due to its ease of installation and incorporation into pre-existing infrastructure as well as the functionality that is available through Lawson ERP Software. In using Lawson ERP Software for a number of its locations globally and in a variety of different industries, it was necessary to choose one comprehensive solution that could satisfy the demands of all the various subsidiaries in Bolhoff’s expansive corporation. Bolhoff is pleased with the support and features that Lawson has offered which should allow Bolhoff and Lawson to continue a partnership that should greatly benefit both companies.

For more information on this topic, you can read the full article found here.

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