Supply Chain Software is on the Rebound

The supply chain software industry is starting to see an increase in software buying  after several years of incredibly slow purchasing activity. While the growth is still slow, data has shown that companies are purchasing supply chain software in 2010. Even during the recessionary period, companies are finding that the current supply chain software they are running is outdated.

Supply chain companies are also realizing that if the economy comes back in a flurry, many will not be able to keep with demand unless they upgrade their supply chain software.

Supply chain software focuses on the fundamentals of transportation, logistics, product capability and warehouse upgrades. Companies are looking for more in their software which allow them to be in contact with global suppliers to increase their agility once the economy rebounds as well as cost efficiencies they hope to one time gain again.

Supply chain companies are getting to the point where the cost cutting measures aren’t as drastic as they once were are finally getting back into looking at the larger picture. Not surprisingly, the main cloud based solutions they are looking for is transportation and logistics, communication, collaboration and inventory management.

Supply chain software is expanding to help companies keep track of inventory from overseas suppliers. Likewise, supply chain software is also getting less customizable for each segment as software companies are realizing that despite different markets, most supply chain companies need the same features in their software. Another change in supply chain software is the increased importance of analytics which assist managers in reporting, metrics and analysis of how the supply chain is running.

The most talked about trend regarding the changes of supply chain software is the move to cloud-based supply chain solutions. The cloud-based solutions will help bring flexibility to supply chain companies. What cloud-based supply chain software will do is allow users to get information about various stages of the supply chain very rapidly.

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