Small Business ERP: Replacing Infor With SAP

Bamboo Pipeline had been a long time user of Infor ERP as they used it to manage their landscape supply business. But as time passed and their business continued to grow, Bamboo found that Infor ERP did not seem best suited to their business as the scalability of Infor did not match up to their company needs as they would have liked.

Bamboo looked towards other ERP solutions and decided to implement SAP ERP Software which was specifically tailored for smaller businesses. With their rapidly growing business, it became increasingly necessary to find a solution that would be able to meet their increasing demands. Investing in SAP ERP software has helped the company succeed in this recession where other companies continued to fail.

With SAP ERP, the company was able to grow revenue while at the same time cut costs. The features SAP offered enabled more flexibility for Bamboo. The flexibility and configurability allowed Bamboo to launch a new business utilizing the same technology at no cost. This enabled Bamboo to capitalize on an entirely different customer market.

Implementing SAP proved very easy for Bamboo employees to learn as they found the interface very intuitive. Although there were some minor issues involving data transfer, the implementation of SAP ERP proved to be a very smooth process. For more information on this new implementation of SAP Software, you can read the full article here.

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