Rutland Plastics Chooses Epicor ERP to Drive Their Success

Here at Blog ERP we like to highlight how ERP software solutions can help streamline your business processes and optimize efficiency. ERP solutions provide support for your business across several departments, in one software instance. The importance of using an efficient ERP software solution is finally being understood by businesses worldwide. Rutland Plastics recently implemented an ERP solution to optimize their business and explains who they chose as their ERP solution provider and why.

Rutland Plastics has chosen Epicor as their ERP vendor. Epicor is a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for the midmarket business as well as Global 1000 companies. Rutland Plastics is a UK-based plastic injection molding company. Rutland plans to implement Epicor ERP to manage their 24-hour manufacturing business.

Rutland Plastics has 100 employees at their Oakham site, with ’round the clock operation for 5 days a week, and an annual turnover of GBP 7.5m. The current ERP solution is a combination of two systems, one for finance and one for manufacturing. Epicor ERP will replace the two systems and give the company oversight on manufacturing, production planning, quality control, finance, sales and plant maintenance.

“Our existing systems were making it very difficult to get the reports and management information that we needed to run the business, and no development had taken place on our manufacturing software for about 15 years,” said the IT manager, Steve Ayre, at Rutland Plastics. “Epicor will allow us to create reports as needed, expand the way we use technology, and have a fully integrated IT system with no double entry errors between systems.”

Rutland Plastics plans to leverage Epicor ERP software to replace and consolidate their infrastructure. With Epicor ERP, the company can utilize live shop data and barcoding technology to track warehouse locations and move products throughout the site.

“We reviewed a total of ten systems when we were selecting the replacement system, and most required additional third party software to meet the needs o our industry. Epicor had everything we needed built in, and we could see that it was more straightforward than the other solutions to implement,” added Ayre. “There are many features in Epicor that will allow us to develop and refine our business operations for many years to come.”

“Managing a 24-hour manufacturing operation can be very complex, particularly if you don’t have the systems to support effective production scheduling,” said Epicor’s Senior VP. “It’s exciting for us to see not only how Rutland Plastics can benefit now from Epicor, but how they plan to use it to expand their use of technology in the future.”

Rutland Plastics is using Epicor ERP to drive their success and we will keep you posted on the results. We expect to see more companies updating their ERP software in the near future. As the value of ERP software solutions is being realized, we suspect more companies will turn to ERP to optimize their business processes and profits.

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