Role-Based ERP

Recently, WorkWise introduced a new approach to ERP solutions. This new approach is featured in WorkWise v9.2 Role-Based ERP, and the new software takes a function-centric approach to ERP. The suite of Role-Based ERP systems are carefully designed around actual roles within manufacturing enterprises to leverage employees time and knowledge. The WorkWise software enables every day users of the system to make effective changes and take corrective action to increase operating efficiency.

The WorkWise ERP solution provides unique workbenches that can be specifically  configured to meet the exact needs of the user. Since the workbenches are tailored to meet the demands of actual roles within a manufacturing facility, users are able to perform their jobs more effectively and in less time.

Productivity can be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of the Role-Based ERP created by WorkWise, and job functions are able to be accomplished with less resources and in less time, but the system still maintains flexibility to adapt to dynamic business conditions.

Wayne Wedell, President of WorkWise Inc, was very proud about the customer benefits of the Role-Based ERP. He said, “Customers have told me that the tailor-able Role-Based WorkBenches have saved them time and allowed them to be faster and more agile in providing answers and service to their customers, quickly and with confidence.”

Overall, the new WorkWise software presents an exciting new approach to traditional ERP solutions, and the various modules and workbenches make it a truly original solution.

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