ROI Calculator for ERP Software

Panorama Consulting Group has been hard at work creating a web-based ROI calculator for ERP investments. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off for users as well, as the product is finally being launched. Panorama designed the ROI calculator to assist website visitors who want to calculate the potential ROI on ERP software investments. So once you decide which ERP software solutions you plan on considering, Panorama’s ROI calculator can help with the next steps.

Panorama’s ERP ROI calculator is built on information collected from numerous research firms. The ROI calculator gives users a near accurate estimate based on data the user inputs into the platform. It’s ERP consulting made easy, thanks to Panorama. The calculator makes assessments based on a number of criteria including: estimates of tangible costs like inventory and labor, time-of-delivery, sales close-time, and order fill time. The ERP ROI calculator also considers employee number, license cost, project management and implementation cost. The final result gives users an ROI estimate and timeline for payback.

“In today’s volatile economy, companies need to know that their ERP software investments are delivering measurable value,” said President of Panorama, ERIc Kimberling. “Panorama helps clients select and implement in such a way, so we wanted to provide the ERP community with a high-level summary of what we do for clients on a daily basis.”

To check out the ROI calculator, visit:

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