Oracle Releases the Latest Sun Fire x86 Clustered System

This past Monday, Oracle, an integrated business software and hardware systems company, unveiled their next-generation Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems. Of all of Oracle’s business software, this is one of the most complex and integrated making Oracle a major leader in computer clustered systems.

This high performing x86 cluster system was created for users who have elaborate workloads across several different systems. With Oracle’s Sun Fire x86 Clustered system, the workloads can be managed as a single system. This will reduce management complexity while increasing efficiency and ameliorating business performances.

Oracle’s Sun Fire x86 Clustered System is a low-cost solution that has many innovative features. Users can integrate all of their management systems in addition to integrating their system with third-party management solutions. The x86 Clustered System includes rackmount servers, blades and a 10 GbE cluster fabric. Oracle’s product also has a ‘Lights Out Manager’, which has an easy to use management interface and process automation capabilities.

Oracle is very excited about the Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems release. The Executive Vice President for Sun Systems at Oracle said, “The launch of our Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems underscores our commitment to delivering the best, most differentiated x86 clustered solutions. We are the first to deliver high-performing application-to-disk solutions that can be managed and supported as a single system. This is a major step forward in providing a completely optimized solution that delivers enterprise-class performance and scale while reducing management complexity and costs for customers.”

The Sun Fire Clustered System is a low cost solution that is sure to increase business efficiency while reducing energy and management complexity. It is easy to deploy. Oracle believes that this will help customers transition into the cloud computing world. Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems have achieved fourteen world records on exceptional application workloads and industry standard benchmarks.

Many companies are looking forward to the Sun Fire Clustered System’s release, including International Data Corporation (IDC), a market intelligence provider. IDC’s Vice President, Matt Eastwood, said, “Datacenter managers have always looked for price/performance improvements from their infrastructure investments, which are increasingly being achieved through fully integrated hardware and software. Oracle’s new x86 blade and rack systems provide a complete solution for running Oracle software, delivering an integrated stack designed to reduce Capex and Opex costs in the datacenter.”

You can read more about Oracle’s Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems on their website.

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