Novell Wins Executive ERP Award

At the recent SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2010 Annual Conference, Novell was awarded with the ERP Executive Best in Product Innovation. Novell provides infrastructure software solutions that help facilitate user interaction with technology. Novell’s award winning ERP product is Novell Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP.

“We have worked very closely with SAP to deliver a solution that solves customer’s needs for continuous compliance and greater risk visibility. It is an honor to be recognized for our innovation and execution by ERP Executive magazine,” said Leo Castro, Executive at Novell.

“Risk management is a top concern for executives, which is why Novell recently partnered with SAP to create a solution that provides continuous compliance as a first step toward better risk visibility. With the joint solution, organizations gain insight into how compliance impacts their ability to meet business objectives.”

The ERP Executive is a source of information and tools for IT professionals. The publication also provides SAP managers with useful information that can be applied to their day-to-day professional lives. The ERP Executive Editor, Amit Bendov, said, “This award is meant to recognize a unique solution or technology that will dramatically impact or change the current market. We are pleased to acknowledge Novell for their accomplishments.”

Novell Compliance Management Platform gives SAP users to comply with security mandates and government regulations with its real-time view of user activities in the enterprise. The use of Novell Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP will help companies save time and money by automating business processes and avoiding potential errors.

Congratulations Novell!

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