Openbravo reviews strategic successes of 2009

– More than a 1.5 million downloads, new solutions brought to market, innovative development portal launched and the first Openbravo World Conference –

Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, Massachusetts (February 03, 2010) – 2009 was a year of success for Openbravo, the leading developer of web-based open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, with new products, development initiatives, events and members of its management team.

The company launched a range of new products, including Openbravo ERP 2.50 Professional Subscription, Openbravo ERP Professional Subscription for Ubuntu and Openbravo QuickStart.

Openbravo QuickStart, a pre-packaged application deployed with 40 to 80 hours of fixed price services, streamlined ERP for small and medium sized businesses. The innovative modular architecture of Openbravo ERP 2.50 Professional Subscription enabled users and developers to easily add functionality to the core ERP platform, and provided businesses with total peace of mind with guaranteed updates, upgrades, and full support.

Openbravo teamed with Canonical to integrate the Ubuntu operating system with Openbravo ERP, enabling businesses to take advantage of Ubuntu’s popular enterprise server platform with Openbravo ERP Professional Subscription for Ubuntu.

Openbravo also launched Openbravo Forge, a portal for the Openbravo community to develop, share, and download Openbravo solutions. Today the Forge hosts contributions from 8,000 developers across 200 projects. A Central Repository embedded in the Openbravo Forge provides a range of services and Openbravo Modules.

This product vision was recognized as Openbravo exceeded a million and a half downloads of its ERP solution and secured a number of industry awards. These awards include ‘Best of Open Source Enterprise Software’ in IDG’s 2009 InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software (Bossie) Awards, and IBM’s ‘EMEA Innovative Solutions 2009’ award.

Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to “Empower the Ecosystem”, Openbravo hosted the first Openbravo World Conference, attended by more than 200 community members from 20 countries.

The Openbravo management team welcomed board member Jesper Balser, the co-founder and former CEO of Navision and Bob Mann, the newly appointed board chairman.

Manel Sarasa, CEO of Openbravo, said, “In 2009 we demonstrated how innovation, commitment to strategy, and a strong community can drive software success. The new solutions added to our portfolio have met the demand for compelling and feature-rich software from a range of businesses and allowed us to welcome new partners and end users.”

He continued, “We will build on these successes in 2010 with new releases to further improve the user experience, introduce new functionalities, target new verticals and reach new countries with professional localizations. We have recently introduced Openbravo Exchange, and it will create monetization opportunities throughout the Openbravo ecosystem by allowing partners to commercialize add-ons and extensions they have created, and it will further drive the development of the Openbravo community.”

Source: OpenBravo