Openbravo Launches Global Commercial Open Source Exchange for ERP Solutions and Extensions

– Leads open source ERP industry from custom projects to packages –

Barcelona, Spain (January 25, 2010) – Openbravo, the leading developer of web-based open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, has announced the launch of Openbravo Exchange, a global online marketplace for commercial open source ERP solutions and extensions.

Openbravo Exchange is an easy-to-browse, business-oriented catalogue of production-grade, native functionalities provided by Openbravo and its business partners. It provides Openbravo development partners an easy way to monetize their investments globally, and allows implementation partners to efficiently “assemble to order” best fit, cost-effective business management systems for their clients.

Openbravo ERP has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, sporting the highest open source ERP download rate globally, for 39 consecutive months. Openbravo Forge, Openbravo’s collaborative development environment, hosts over 8800 registered developers and 265 development projects. Openbravo Exchange builds on this tremendous reach by providing visibility into the best free and commercial solutions and extensions available on Openbravo Forge.

Manel Sarasa, CEO of Openbravo, said: “This is the decade of open source enterprise applications, and Openbravo is leading the way. SMEs demand cost-effective, packaged solutions, and this exchange completes our industry-leading vision to meet that demand. With Openbravo Exchange in place, the Openbravo ecosystem is now ready to publish and sell commercial modules globally, and our clients are ready to start buying them!”

One industry solution available on Openbravo Exchange is the Hotel Management System from Bonsai Consulting. Ravi Venugopal, CEO of Bonsai Consulting, said: “Openbravo provides the ideal ERP platform for building vertical solutions, and Openbravo Exchange is an excellent vehicle to distribute our Openbravo-based Hotel Management solution through Openbravo’s global distribution channel. As a packaged solution provider, Bonsai adds value to the Hospitality industry by leveraging Openbravo to package our growing domain expertise and monetize it across many customers. This approach provides a better revenue model compared to old-fashioned custom projects–and the ability to deliver our solution via the hosted Saas model provides a leading-edge differentiator for us!”

Source: OpenBravo