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QAD Inc. (NASDAQ: QADI), a leading provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers, today announced the latest version of QAD Enterprise Applications â?? QAD 2008.1 â?? at its European regional customer conference being held this week. QAD has convened customers and partners fr

SORRENTO, Italy (November 18, 2008) –

QAD is continuing on its path toward delivering “total enterprise capability” to help meet customers’ ever-changing business requirements across all key levels, functions and geographies of their extended manufacturing organization with QAD 2008.1. The QAD 2008.1 features QAD Enterprise Financials, an enhanced derivative of its existing Financials suite, with specific enhancements to address the requirements of global manufacturers.

“This updated version of QAD Enterprise Applications, with its combination of user efficiency, application flexibility and functional sophistication has been designed to better meet the dynamic business needs and industry requirements of today’s global manufacturers,” said Pamela Lopker, president and founder of QAD. “QAD 2008.1 is the most extensive release of QAD software to date, and another step toward achieving our vision of The Perfect Lean Market for global manufacturing.”

QAD’s long history of focus on human engineering has resulted in redefining the user experience so that QAD 2008 meets the expectations of a new generation of application users. The extensive release, which provides improved capabilities in financial management, customer management, manufacturing/distribution, supply chain management, service and support, also feature the following improvements:

Ease of Use – QAD 2008.1 is easy to use, quick to implement, and intuitive for new users to learn. Flexible workflows and automation help make customers more proficient and faster than ever before. Global Solution – QAD 2008.1 provides a combination of software and services that can be implemented around the world. Adaptability – QAD 2008.1 meets the needs of companies of all sizes – from small or medium-sized companies to large multi-national corporations. Governance, Risk and Compliance – QAD 2008.1 makes it easier to be compliant with business and legal requirements by country and industry, including roles-based security that enables faster and more reliable reporting. QAD 2008.1: Enhanced Functionality

QAD 2008.1 is designed to fully integrate global supply chains and streamline manufacturing operations, financials, customers, technology and business performances all in one enterprise suite. Features and functions of QAD 2008.1 include:

QAD Enterprise Financials – Provides the ability to manage and control businesses at a local, regional and global level with solutions that enable customers to more efficiently meet accounting, legal, financial reporting and other critical business requirements. QAD Customer Management – Provides improved responsiveness through collaboration and management of customers and demand. QAD Manufacturing – Enables companies to reduce costs and increase throughput using the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques, including the capability to fully support Lean adoption. QAD Supply Chain – Includes modules that help improve the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration. QAD Service and Support – Provides the capability for after-sale service and support of products–manages warranty tracking, services calls and returns and repairs. QAD Enterprise Asset Management – Manages the life cycle of capital assets from planning to installation, supports preventive maintenance and repair, and manages parts inventory cost-effectively. QAD Analytics – Helps companies analyze data to measure business performance in key areas. QAD Interoperability – Allows database portability and operating system flexibility, and works with QAD QXtend integration layer to enable access to all elements of QAD Enterprise Applications. Embracing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform, QAD 2008.1 is offered in three deployment methods: On Premise, a traditional license and delivery structure; On Demand, an application management services offering hosted by QAD; or On Appliance, with the software pre-loaded on a machine. Such deployment independence makes it easier to deploy and implement QAD 2008.1 across global supply chains; ensuring customers have complete communication and visibility into their overall business operations.

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QAD is a leading provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturing companies. QAD applications provide critical functionality for managing manufacturing resources and operations within and beyond the enterprise, enabling global manufacturers to collaborate with their customers, suppliers and partners to make and deliver the right product, at the right cost and at the right time. Manufacturers of automotive, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, industrial and life science products use QAD applications at approximately 6,100 licensed sites in more than 90 countries and in as many as 27 languages. For more information about QAD, telephone +1 805 684 6614, visit the QAD Web site at, or join the QAD Community by visiting

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