IQMS Releases an Automated VIN Generator Application for the Automotive Industry

Automation Group Develops Innovative ERP Application That Calculates Vehicle Attribute Requirements for Compliance with the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration’s Standards

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (April 19, 2011) – IQMS, designer and developer of the manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, EnterpriseIQ, today announced the release of a new Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Generator application that delivers ease and compatibility to automotive trailer producers. With the introduction of a VIN Generator application, IQMS users can create Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) compliant VIN sequences with the click of a button. Rather than manually assigning a formulaic number to the product, the new EnterpriseIQ application calculates the vehicle attribute requirements necessary to meet the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration’s (NTHSA) standards.

As with all EnterpriseIQ modules, the VIN Generator application is fully imbedded with IQMS’ single-database manufacturing ERP system. Cumbersome modifications are no longer a concern as the new VIN Generator attributes are varied and can be changed at the user level. Users have the ability to easily create VIN sequences for work order items, as well as integrate those numbers into barcode labels and certificates of origin.

“The VIN Generator automates the process and does so much behind the scenes,” said Abe Harms of Load Trail, Inc., the driving force behind the new module’s development. “It does everything with a single click of a button, which is amazing! IQMS and its automation group have been phenomenal to work with. After one conference call to discuss the specifications, the application was delivered with exactly what we had requested and required.”

IQMS developed the VIN Generator application specifically to meet the growing needs of its customer base in the automotive industry. Like 90 percent of the improvements and features developed for EnterpriseIQ, the VIN Generator was a customer recommendation. IQMS’ client suggestion portal, Community Server, is an innovative way to receive feedback and deliver useful changes more quickly, while also taking advantage of emerging industry technologies.

“IQMS prides itself on customer satisfaction, which is why we developed the VIN Generator application for our trailer manufacturers. The application’s automatic generation, compliance feature and ease of use really make a difference in the daily work load of our clients,” said Glenn Nowak, vice president of IQMS. “This new application, combined with the sales configuration module, will help many other companies in the manufacturing industry.”

Solution Availability

The VIN Generator module is a licensed application compatible with the EnterpriseIQ 7.8.1 release.

About IQMS

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Source: IQMS