IQMS Debuts RealTime Process Monitoring for EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Software

Highly Anticipated Module Advances Beyond the Simple Idea of Measurement and Parameter Review to Communicate Directly with Manufacturing ERP Software

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (October 05, 2010) – IQMS, an innovator in the design and development of manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, today announced the debut of RealTime(TM) Process Monitoring. By directly connecting manufacturing machines with the existing EnterpriseIQ manufacturing ERP system, process data parameters can be captured, viewed and analyzed as the parts are being produced. Because everything is designed and developed by IQMS, there are no cumbersome or costly third party interfaces.

“IQMS has been in the design and development stages with the assistance and constant feedback from those who know the industry best: our clients,” said Randy Flamm, president and founder of IQMS. “With RealTime(TM) Process Monitoring, we have thought beyond the simple idea of measurement and parameter review to develop a module that pushes beyond what is expected and available from the competition.”

Since RealTime(TM) Process Monitoring was developed with input from the manufacturing industry and directly communicates to the EnterpriseIQ ERP system, enhanced features and functionality includes:

  • User-defined performance and measurement parameters to provide flexibility in gathering statistics.
  • Data can be viewed directly or SPC parameters can be established for specific requirements for automatic data collection and population of SPC charts and graphs.
  • Alert notifications (visual or via text message) can be applied based on SPC ASQ Run Rules to control processes before they exceed specification limits.
  • Web-based data access allows for remote viewing via a computer or handheld device (i.e. PDA).
  • Data collected is efficiently stored in the Oracle
  • Powerful graphs, gages, OEE calculations and more can provide instantaneous feedback on critical parameters as determined by the manufacturer.
  • Supports real-time RJG data storage and analysis.

“IQMS RealTime Process Monitoring is the ultimate in traceability, reliability, accuracy and efficiency,” says Bob Bester, IT Director with Atek and an early adopter of the module. “With processing now being measured down to the cycle count we can actually label our cartons with the cycles that created the product inside providing instant traceability. The reliability and security of our data being stored in an Oracle database gives us data and business protection we can count on. And the accuracy and efficiency gained by interfacing with the entire EnterpriseIQ product guarantees our inventory will be more accurate on a timelier basis than ever before.”

RealTime(TM) Process Monitoring from IQMS is just another in a series of manufacturing management modules within EnterpriseIQ ERP software suite. By understanding that shop floor production and efficiency is critical to any manufacturer, IQMS continues to make strides in developing a complete Manufacturing ERP system that is both scalable and expansive in its breadth and depth of offerings.

About IQMS

Since 1989, IQMS has been designing and developing manufacturing ERP software for the repetitive, process and discrete industries. Today, IQMS provides leading real-time manufacturing, accounting, production monitoring, quality control, supply chain, CRM and eBusiness solutions to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods and other manufacturing markets. The innovative, single-database enterprise resource planning software solution, EnterpriseIQ offers complete functionality and scalable solutions without costly third-party requirements. With offices across North America, Europe, Asia and India, IQMS serves manufacturers around the world.

Daniele Fresca, Director of Marketing

Source: IQMS