IQMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Growth and Stability

IQMS, A Pioneer in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solutions, Has Experienced Company Growth for Twenty Years

Paso Robles, CA (June 10, 2010) –

IQMS, a leader in the design and development of manufacturing
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. The software company, which was founded to help meet the unique and varied needs of manufacturers in a rapidly changing global environment, has experienced company growth for two decades.

Founded in southern California in 1989, IQMS moved to Paso Robles, CA in 1995 with a staff of seven employees. Since then, IQMS has grown to more than 100 employees with offices in Europe, China, Canada and most recently, the United Kingdom. Today, despite the recent effects of the down economy, IQMS continues to post profitability, and last year increased its customer accounts by double-digit percent.

“As the ERP software industry evolves and consolidates, IQMS has continued to grow and deliver a world-class single-source solution that outperforms the best-of-breed software commonly found in the industry,” says Randy Flamm, president and founder of IQMS. “Our anniversary marks our continuous commitment to bring innovation and customer service to manufacturing industries around the world. We are extremely proud of our company and are looking forward to many more years of ERP development.”

IQMS founders Randy and Nancy Flamm, developed the single-source solution ERP software solution to help manufacturers keep their business lean while growing their profit margins. IQMS’s dedicated support to their customers has led them to an impressive 98 percent customer retention rate.

“Thanks to IQMS for their zealous support of Jatco, Inc to fill our ERP needs over the years,” said Rex Clement, plant manager for Jatco, Inc., one of IQMS’s first customers. “From the beginning with the DOS version, to the conversion to Windows and beyond, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the great people that make IQMS what it is today.”

In addition to their dedicated support to the ERP software industry, IQMS promotes active support of its community, providing jobs and assistance to local organizations in need. Due to its growth in 2008, IQMS was able to add new employees to every department.

“IQMS has been a tremendous employer,” says Frank Mecham, Country Supervisor; San Luis Obispo County; District 1. “The people, who work for them, love them. They are very engaged in the community. They just wonderful people and it’s a great company. It’s a very stable company. Despite this economic situation we’re in, IQMS is a company that continues to grow. That says a lot about their vision and for their involvement in the industry. IQMS is a good solid company with good solid people. It’s a tremendous asset to the community.”

IQMS continues to show innovation. This year, IQMS released a new version of its flagship product, Enterprise IQ 7.6.1, which includes more than 900 customer-driven enhancements. The company also debuted RackTruck, a customized ERP solution that combines inventory scanning, forklift mounted monitors and stocking location mapping for manufacturers. The customized ERP solution, created by the IQMS Automation Group for their customer Double H Plastics, utilizes fork-lift mounted monitors and scanners making Double H Plastics leaner, more agile and competitive.

Over the years, IQMS has maintained the balance of providing jobs locally and innovative ERP software to manufacturers throughout the world. The company’s strong leadership and customer support allows them to be a worldwide organization while still offering strong value to their own community.

“We congratulate IQMS on its 20th anniversary,” said Paso Robles Mayor Duane Picanco. “The City of Paso Robles is proud that IQMS has made its corporate headquarters here. Randy and Nancy
Flamm have grown IQMS into a model company, which is committed to quality work and products
locally and throughout the world. Paso Robles has truly benefitted not only economically, but also through their generosity.”

About IQMS
Since 1989, IQMS has been a pioneer in the design and development of ERP software for repetitive, process and discrete manufacturing industries. Today, IQMS provides leading real-time manufacturing, accounting, production monitoring, quality control, supply chain, CRM and eBusiness solutions to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods and other manufacturing markets. The innovative, single-source enterprise software solution, EnterpriseIQ offers complete functionality and scalable solutions all in a single database. With offices across North America, Europe and Asia, IQMS serves manufacturers around the world.

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