IBM IntelliStation smashes NT workstation performance records

Latest performance benchmarks beat HP by nearly 20%, Compaq by 53%

N/A (March 13, 2011) – Windows NT(Note B) based workstations.
The IntelliStation M Pro achieved a record breaking BAPCo SYSmark Score of 407(1), beating Hewlett Packard’s Kayak
XU by 19.7%. BAPCo’s SYSmark is an industry standard tool for measuring the overall performance of Computers running
business, technical and graphics-intensive applications in a Windows NT environment.
In addition, the IntelliStation M Pro established a new mark for 3D OpenGL graphics by breaking below the elusive $100 per
CDRS composite barrier, with a value score of $85/CDRS (2) easily beating the Compaq Workstation 6000 at $151/CDRS
and HP Kayak XW at $114/CDRS. The IBM IntelliStation M Pro also outperformed HP’s Kayak XW by an average of
28% and the Compaq Workstation 6000 by 53% on the OpenGL Performance Characterization (OPC) Viewperf
benchmarks (3). Viewperf measures 3D graphics performance, lighting and texture capabilities critical to users designing,
analyzing or animating 3D models. Some of the 3D intensive applications supported by the IntelliStation M Pro include: Pro
Engineer and Pro/Mechanica, I-DEAS MasterSeries, Unigraphics, Alias/Wavefront’s Maya, 3D Studio Max, Strata Studio Pro, and SoftImage 3D.
”The IBM IntelliStation M Pro delivers the highest level of application performance and availability possible, enhancing the
technical and creative process for computer graphics users,” said Dr. Satish Gupta, general manager, IBM Professional
Workstations. ”The IntelliStation M Pro has no equal in the Windows NT workstation market when it comes to
performance, breadth of applications supported or innovative manageability features that address the cost of ownership.”
The new IBM IntelliStation M Pro’s SMP enabled design is fueled by 400 MHz (4) Pentium(Note C) II microprocessors, up
to 1 GB (5) of 100 MHz ECC SDRAM memory, Intel’s 440 BX chipset with AGP 2X (accelerated graphics port) and 100
MHz front side bus. High performance 2D and 3D graphics accelerators coupled with RAID 0 or 1 enabled 7,200 and
10,000rpm disk drives round out the system configuration.
Estimated reseller prices start at $2,499 (6) (without monitor), depending on the model and configuration.
Working in tandem with leading application vendors, the IBM IntelliStation M Pro has been tested for compatibility with over
100 business critical, mechanical design and engineering, electrical design, financial services, software engineering,
geographical mapping systems, animation, video editing, desktop publishing and statistical analysis applications.
Through the IntelliStation and RS/6000(Note A) lines, IBM offers one of the broadest workstation lines in the industry. Visit
IBM IntelliStation at:

Source: IBM