F. A. Parkes Launches Extensive Online Commerce Capabilities with Epicor

IRVINE, Calif. and BRACKNELL, United Kingdom (March 05, 2008) – Epicor
Software Corporation (NASDAQ: EPIC), a leading provider of enterprise business software
solutions for the midmarket and divisions of Global 1000 companies, today announced one
of the first UK customers of its Epicor Storefront module has launched a fully functional
Internet sales portal within a few weeks of its initial consultation. The new F.A Parkes online
store has increased overall sales by 20% while reducing the cost of processing lower value
transactions compared to traditional telephone and fax based systems.
Generally available since June 2007, Epicor Storefront is a comprehensive Webbased
order management solution that allows companies to provide Web-based sales
functionality to their partners, customers and sales personnel. The solution is available with
Epicor iScala, a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven industry-specific solutions for the
global midmarket enterprise.
Since its founding in 1971, F. A. Parkes has been committed to delivering quality
products at competitive prices to its customers with speed and efficiency. The Company has
grown to be highly respected within the UK Enclosure Industries, Motor Body Builders, as
well as the large and small engineering works, where camlocks, handles, rods-sets,
gasketing and associated accessories are used. With more than 5,500 products and as one
of the leading stockists of Weston Body Hardware, Lowe & Fletcher, Pinet and EMKA
products, F.A. Parkes has more than 3,000 customers across the country.
“We considered the idea of an online sales portal back in 1997, but Internet
connectivity was uncommon and the cost of integrating it with our enterprise solution was
prohibitive,” explained Philip Barrow, managing director of F. A. Parkes. “We put the idea on
the back burner primarily due to the high cost, until the start of 2007 when we were
F. A. Parkes Implements Epicor Storefront approached by our Epicor account manager who explained that Epicor had a storefront
solution in development for mid-year release.”
After viewing the release of Epicor Storefront in June 2007, F. A. Parkes worked with
consultants from implementer Part Trap and was successful in rolling out its Internet sales
portal in just four weeks. “The system is so closely integrated with our Epicor solution that it
requires minimal additional management,” said Barrow. “Any item we add to Epicor can be
published to the sales portal in a single click, all our pricing and stock levels are accurate in
real-time and we have the ability to process both account and single credit card purchases
within the same system.”
Customers’ initial reaction has been exceptionally positive. “We have always had a
mix of made-to-order, large restock orders and single unit orders and the cost of processing
these single, low value purchases via sales person on the telephone is high,” Barrow
explained. “The Internet portal makes this process much more cost effective. Additionally,
the system is extremely efficient by allowing the customer to check availability and product
details ahead of any order.”
Barrow estimates around a twenty percent increase in sales due to the Internet site
and he added, “It’s still very early days and we are now in the process of enhancing the
sales portal with additional features such as track and trace on orders and more payment
options. To-date, this has been an exceptionally smooth implementation that has delivered
all that was promised.”
Creating a Truly Global Selling Environment
Epicor Storefront allows companies to reduce the cost of order processing while
increasing the accuracy of orders by recording details at point of entry instead of telephone
transcription. Using the Internet, customers gain access to product descriptions, prices,
discounts, availability and the ability to place an order as well as define delivery
requirements at any hour of the day.
The system has a wide range of features including the ability to allow users to create,
edit or delete orders and quotations. Real-time stock availability can be displayed together
with customer specific prices, discounts and delivery planning, all calculated using Web
services. Upon completion, the order is saved into the Epicor back office instantly and the
user receives confirmation on the screen and optionally via e-mail with total price, expected
delivery date and order number.
Optional features include the Storefront Catalog and the Storefront Configurator. The
Storefront Catalog provides support for maintaining and printing a PDF format catalog or
individual product pages in the selected language. The Storefront Configurator guides the
F. A. Parkes Implements Epicor Storefront user through configuring a complex product from preset component options and
Adam Prince, senior director of product marketing for Epicor added, “The new Epicor
Storefront has arrived at a time when the requirements for Internet commerce are clearly
understood, and standards such as XML are well defined to allow delivery of a solution that
works particularly effectively straight out of the box.”
Prince concluded, “The tight integration into our Epicor enterprise resource planning
(ERP) solution makes Storefront particularly attractive to organizations with limited IT
infrastructure, that would rather concentrate on core business processes instead of having to
develop Internet assets from scratch.”

Source: epicor