Consona Corporation Unveils Knowledge Driven Support Solution at Customer Conference

Consona Integrates Two World-Class Products, Onyx and KNOVA, to Build Market’s First and Most Tightly Integrated Case and Knowledge Management Solution

Las Vegas, NV (October 15, 2008) –

Consona Corporation (Consona), a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, today announced the release of its integrated, knowledge-centric solution for customer service and support at Consona Connect 2008, the company’s annual user conference, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Encompassing key service and support functionality from Consona’s Onyx and KNOVA applications, the Consona(TM) Knowledge Driven Support solution represents the market’s most tightly integrated set of case and knowledge management features available to service and support operations. The first of its kind, Consona Knowledge Driven Support will help service and support centers build excellent customer experiences across the entire organization and every channel–all within one solution that removes the need for multiple solutions, vendors, services or partners.

With the ability to manage cases while using knowledge to resolve customer issues, agents will be able to provide a proactive, specific, intelligent and timely resolution to any customer issue or question. Other key features include:

* Process management to optimize case management and service resolution procedures.
* Knowledge management and authoring that updates existing knowledge and recognizes new knowledge to keep information up-to-date and relevant.
* Patented, dynamic search capabilities to help both agents and customers find the information they truly need–even if the issue is difficult to articulate.
* Integration of case notes, knowledge documents and resolutions with new or existing cases.
* Combined knowledge base available to both customers and agents.

Consona Knowledge Driven Support includes several key products aimed to revolutionize service and support operations, including Consona Case Manager, Consona Agent Advisor, Consona Self-Service, the Customer Service and Support solution template, the Case Manager Connector, the CTI Toolbar, and configuration and scripting tools.

“The new Consona Knowledge Driven Support solution represents an integration between two world-class products,” said Tim Hines, vice president of product management for Consona CRM. “Onyx offers a rich, award-winning history and a next generation technology platform with a uniquely flexible data model built around the customer record. KNOVA offers patented search technology, knowledge authoring, self-service and agent support with Natural Language Processing in multiple language offerings. The technology and power behind these two products working together to nurture the customer experience over time and across channels is simply going to be incredible.”

Consona Knowledge Driven Support is one of several new bundled solutions that are now available as part of a rebranded Consona CRM suite of products from Consona. In addition to three central product lines, spanning sales, marketing and customer service and support, Consona has released a series of integrated solutions and companion products to meet both common and unique customer needs. For more information on the rebranded Consona CRM solution, view the press release, also issued today.

According to Tom Millay, general manager of Consona CRM, customers can implement one, two or all of the rebranded solutions or products from Consona CRM. He also noted that Consona Knowledge Driven Support is a key indicator regarding Consona’s strategic focus. “We have an extremely unique solution for customer service and support operations, and we’ll continue to focus our resources on serving this audience,” he said. “There just aren’t many options out there, and we intend to be the vendor service and support managers turn to when they’re looking to create efficient, consistent, proactive and personalized customer experiences.”

“For companies with long term and multifaceted customer relationships or complex and technical products–these types of companies live and die by the caliber of their service and support,” said Hines. “Our solution will help these businesses capture, author, manage, search and display knowledge so it can be used to resolve customer issues. Whether via their call center or their customer support portal, and no matter what the medium, all support incidents can be logged, managed and resolved through one platform and solution.”

“Recent announcements from several CRM and KM vendors to either partner or integrate knowledge management and case management further demonstrates the need–and clear benefit–of vendors providing their customers with an integrated, effective customer experience,” said Sheryl Kingstone, director of enterprise research for Yankee Group.

About Consona Corporation and Consona CRM
Consona Corporation is a worldwide leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for the enterprise. The Consona CRM suite offers companies with vital and multifaceted customer relationships, or companies offering complex or technical products/services, a wide range of fully integrated CRM and knowledge management (KM) solutions that span service and support, sales and marketing functions. Based on a highly scalable technology platform with built-in configuration and personalization tools, the Consona CRM suite allows customers to select products within or across product lines. With several pre-defined bundled solutions, customers can take advantage of cost effective, best-in-class solutions that span industry, departmental, business function and/or methodology-based needs. More than 1300 customers spanning over 50 industries worldwide are using Consona CRM solutions to manage process efficiencies, drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and enable unique and extraordinary customer experiences. For more information, visit, e-mail, or call (888) 8 CONSONA.

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