New version enables real-time chat and dynamic content delivery

Portland, Oregon (May 15, 2006) – Compiere, Inc., the premier provider of open source business applications, announced a Collaboration Management System for its Compiere ERP & CRM solution, the primary open source ERP and CRM application. As part of the version 2.5.3c release of the product, the Collaboration Management System consists of a content management system, chat capability and web store improvements. These components enable users to chat in a secure, focused online environment about any of the documents on the system and to share thoughts and suggestions throughout the company.

The content management portion of Compiere’s Collaboration Management System allows users to efficiently host multilingual dynamic content and create collaboration platforms. The high-performance content management system was contributed to Compiere by ComDivision ( The system is part of the company’s enterprise content management offering, which was originally developed for the German Research Foundation and is now used by enterprises and public sector organizations worldwide.

Compiere’s new Content Management System is based on standard XSLT and XML formatting and supports high volume environments including clustering and distributed locations. Content from the core ERP and CRM application is easily integrated and can include public product detail information or internal budget or revenue data. Users can access this content from anywhere and provide real-time feedback allowing system administrators to adapt the content to the user’s precise needs.

ComDivision founder, Yves Sandfort, said, “ComDivision began development on our content management solution in 1996 when most companies only used static content on the Web. In 2005 we decided, together with Jorg Janke, to incorporate our product into the Compiere solution, which will enhance the Compiere document management, electronic brochures, rich-content delivery, and communications features.”

Jorg Janke, Compiere Founder, said, “Compiere’s German speaking partners have implemented the collaboration management system on the German version of the Compiere Homepage — . By creating this collaboration platform, the partners can converse and provide feedback to each other in German without having to wait for email correspondence.”

Yves Sandfort and Jorg Janke will be offering previews of the new Collaboration Management System on May 26, 2006 at ComDivision’s 10-year anniversary event in Bonn, Germany. Contact: for additional information.

Source: Compiere