Champlain Cable Achieves Flexibility and Reliability of Operations with AXIS

High-performance wire and cable manufacturer embraces specialized ERP solution and support network for improved quality control and documentation capabilities.

Pittsburgh, PA (June 09, 2008) –

AXIS, a Consona ERP solution and leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the metals, wire and cable industries, today announced at The Wire Association International, Inc.’s 2008 Wire Expo in Pittsburgh that Champlain Cable Corporation (Champlain) has leveraged the AXIS ERP solution to support the company’s growth via improved access to operational information, quality control functions, and multi-plant capabilities.

“Our plan was to seamlessly transition products throughout our operations without any overhead or paper,” said Champlain IT Director Alan Clark. “We planned to accomplish this plan by bringing in real-time scheduling, lineups, dispatch lists, shop travelers and online operating instructions–all of which are supported by real-time schedule updates to add full visibility to the inventory, down to the individual reel.”

Previously part of a large European conglomerate, Champlain became an independent entity in 2003 and recognized the need to expand its existing El Paso warehouse into a full manufacturing facility in order to better support its customers’ Mexico assembly operations. Among Champlain’s chief requirements for its upgraded systems were quality control functionality, documentation to satisfy automotive industry customers, and easy access to information. Under its parent company, Champlain operated its business using an older version of the AXIS ERP solution, but did not engage AXIS for support. However, upon gaining independence, it chose to migrate to the most current version of the solution and contract with AXIS for support and updates. The new version of AXIS ERP includes a strong quality function that supports the need for documentation, as well as easy access to real-time information.

“Previously, when we needed a report we had to have our programmer use a full day to write it for us,” said Clark. “Now we can easily pull data into a spreadsheet and work with it ourselves. We don’t need that programming resource anymore and information is much more readily available to support business decisions.”

Upon conversion to the updated AXIS ERP solution, Champlain realized immediate improvements evident in data access and implementation of multi-plant capability. “We have grown significantly in the last couple of years,” said Clark. “The newest version of AXIS ERP has provided us with substantial flexibility and good access to information. Even though we are bigger and multi-plant now, we actually have one less person in IT–yet we’re able to provide better service to the company. To a large extent, this is because AXIS ERP is an industry-specific solution that provides the tools we need, right out of the box. We are very pleased with the partnership we have with AXIS; it’s more than just vendor support and problem fixes.”

“Champlain knew, from years of experience, that AXIS ERP was a superior product with all of the best functionalities to support a leader in the wire and cable manufacturing industry, said Ron Greco, director of sales for AXIS. “With the upgrade, Champlain gained incredible improvements in data accessibility and industry-standard quality control. This functionality will serve Champlain well as the company continues to expand its operations and provide customers with innovative, high-quality cable.”

AXIS ERP will be showcased in booth no. 510 at the 2008 Wire Expo held in David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. For more information, visit

About AXIS
AXIS, a Consona ERP solution, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed to meet the unique requirements of the metals, wire and cable industries. AXIS specializes in helping producers, processors, service centers, and manufacturers increase revenue, decrease cost, and enable growth through the use of information technology and industry best practices. The AXIS family of solutions provides integrated support for enterprise-wide operations, from sales and customer service to production, quality, and financial management. AXIS serves companies ranging in size from small operations to Fortune 500 businesses. To learn more about ERP software from AXIS, visit, e-mail info(at), or call (800) 370-AXIS.

About Champlain Cable Corporation
Champlain Cable Corporation is the premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance wire and cable. Providing unparalleled service, quality and engineering support from decades of experience to a variety of industries, Champlain Cable is TS16949 certified, ISO14001 certified, and RoHS-compliant providing excellent support for automotive, industrial and telecommunication applications. With a strong focus on quality, Champlain’s research team has created many unique irradiated, cross-linked compounds to support numerous challenging applications for its customers. Founded in 1955, Champlain is based in Colchester, Vt., and also manufactures out of a plant in El Paso, Texas. For more information, please visit: or call (800) 451-5162.

Source: Consona