Steel production veteran gains valuable window into corporate data with industry-specific ERP Solution, resulting in improved production, quality control and stable infrastructure.

Indianapolis, IN (June 18, 2008) –

AXIS, a Consona ERP solution and leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the metals, wire and cable industries, today announced that Stripco, a manufacturer of high-quality steel products for customers in the automotive, construction, hardware and furniture industries, has attained significant improvements in business agility and management following the implementation of AXIS ERP.

Stripco chose AXIS ERP to replace disparate homegrown legacy systems that were developed over time in response to specific business requirements, but were limited by the inability to share information.

In a fast-moving, highly competitive business like Stripco’s, a lack of access to information became a serious handicap. Using proprietary systems, Stripco could not generate reports efficiently, nor was there any real analysis capability. “Over time, our many disparate systems became antiques with self-imposed limitations,” said Eric Hiler, Stripco’s general manager. “We weren’t collecting enough data, and the information wasn’t accessible.”

The Stripco team’s search for a solution that addressed the specific challenges of the metals industry was a frustrating one, and often led to one-size-fits-all ERP vendors that offered add-ons meant to be tailored to their needs. “It was clear that they really didn’t understand the intricacies and complexities of our business,” said Hiler. Upon discovering AXIS ERP, Stripco challenged the company to prove its capabilities in three areas: costing, production scheduling and tracking, and steel industry-specific quality and certification. Hiler stated: “These needs were non-negotiable, and it turned out that AXIS ERP had the capabilities we were looking for in the standard solution–out of the box.”

Since implementing AXIS ERP, Stripco has experienced manifold improvements in its operations. The company is able to make strategic management decisions thanks to more accurate costing information, and improved production scheduling and control have resulted in the ability to better meet commitments and greater efficiency in utilizing company resources. In addition, Stripco has established quality controls and documentation capabilities specific to the steel industry, one of the company’s primary goals.

“When we need ‘moment-in-time’ information, such as quality, holds, shipping and billing, we can pull the information from AXIS ERP in real time. These capabilities help us identify and act on statistically relevant information, rather than just acting on a whim,” Hiler said. “One of the key reasons we chose AXIS was to implement good measurements. We see the system as an important enabler for long-term improvement.”

“Stripco’s successful implementation and resulting improvements are a classic example of the objectives that a company can achieve with timely access to accurate information,” said Ron Greco, director of sales for AXIS. “In these industries, knowledge is power, and Stripco has many years of sustainable, stable growth in front of it with AXIS ERP in place.”

About AXIS
AXIS, a Consona ERP solution, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed to meet the unique requirements of the metals, wire and cable industries. AXIS specializes in helping producers, processors, service centers, and manufacturers increase revenue, decrease cost, and enable growth through the use of information technology and industry best practices. The AXIS family of solutions provides integrated support for enterprise-wide operations, from sales and customer service to production, quality, and financial management. AXIS serves companies ranging in size from small operations to Fortune 500 businesses. To learn more about ERP software from AXIS, visit, e-mail info(at), or call (800) 370-AXIS.

About Stripco
Founded in 1984, Stripco offers unsurpassed quality steel products coupled with service that is both knowledgeable and personalized. Stripco’s precise techniques, processes and equipment allow them to achieve superior results that set the company apart from the competition. Stripco manufactures production-ready steel coils and strips and produces hot-rolled, hot-rolled pickled and oiled, precision cold-rolled and galvanized steel products in thicknesses of .018 to .312 and widths from .375 to 26 inches. Stripco’s 26-acre campus sits along the St. Joseph River in Mishawka, Ind., and from this location, Stripco produces slit coil, edge-conditioned coil, cut-to-length strip and oscillate wound coil that are delivered all over the U.S. by Stripco’s own delivery fleet. The company’s primary customers are in the automotive, construction, hardware, and furniture industries, and Stripco’s steel can be found in automobile seats, structural reinforcement, fencing, shelving, upholstered furniture, and a diverse variety of other products. For more information, visit or call (574) 256-7800.

Source: Consona