New Belgium Brewing: A story of technological success thanks to Microsoft Dynamics GP!

New Belgium Brewing Company provides beer enthusiasts with great tasting beer, and has been doing so since 1991.  New Belgium Brewing Company is known for their Fat Tire Amber Ale, a beer that is widely loved by many.  In 1996, New Belgium Brewing Company decided to integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP software to help manage back end processes.  The integration of the Microsoft Dynamics GP became an essential stepping stone for New Belgium Brewing since accounting functions became easier to manage.

Over time, the management at New Belgium Brewing saw a need for more functions to be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Microsoft Dynamics GP was able to meet the needs of New Belgium Brewing by integrating features that would become the financial backbone of New Belgium Brewing.  Microsoft Dynamics GP was able to integrate software and hardware to allow New Belgium to build a company Intranet, one they lovingly call “The Mothernet”.

Integration of popular business software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook has made information sharing easy to do.  Microsoft Dynamics GP information is now widely available to the employee owners of New Belgium.  The information that employees can access allows for more accuracy in everyday business decisions.  The efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics GP has aided New Belgium in decreasing their forecast error in half.

Microsoft Dynamics GP not only serves decision makers, but aids mobile sales rep out on the field.  Remote access features built into Microsoft Dynamics GP allows sales rep to access company information from virtually any computer.  Microsoft Dynamics GP also supports access of information from smart phones that use Windows Mobile, allowing sales reps to access information on their company phone.

New Belgium Brewing credits Microsoft Dynamics GP for their success in technological integration.  Microsoft Dynamics GP allows for more support with managing growth, expansion, and the addition of new product lines.


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