Lower Your ERP TCO With Sage MAS ERP

In today’s economy, company expenses are closely scrutinized as companies look for ways to cut out excess spending. Although ERP Software is an essential expense for many companies, there are options that can help lower the expenses associated with ERP Software. Sage ERP has recently announced its new Sage MAS ERP system that significantly lowers the total cost of ownership, making it a potential option for companies looking to maintaining high quality ERP systems at an economical price.

Sage has made its Sage MAS ERP available on the Applianz system in order to simplify ERP implementations as well as lowering the overall cost of owning their comprehensive ERP system. Implementations are now done within hours, providing significant time savings, with no compromise in the quality of ERP system provided. New users will still enjoy the full functionality of Sage MAS ERP as well as complete security the system offers.

By offering Sage MAS ERP on the Applianz system, running and maintaining the Sage ERP system is a lot easier and significantly cheaper. Many features such as remote access and an integrated firewall are already built into the Applianz system, eliminating the need for companies to make other investments in order to integrate the system into their existing infrastructure.

Sage MAS is a reasonable solution for small and medium sized companies looking for a comprehensive ERP solution at an economical price. Rather than throwing money into a system that doesn’t provide the returns necessary to justify the investment, companies should look towards solutions that provide the benefits that can immediately produce a return on their investment.

Sage MAS ERP provides all the tools that SMBs need at a very affordable price. Economically priced and fully functional ERP systems will be the wave of the future. For more information on this new technology, you can read the full article here.

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