Innovation in the Warehouse, iPad ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning software has been around for a number of years, but it wasn’t until recently that the iPad ERP was released. President of Markley Enterprises, Tim Markley, has already discovered methods to implement the iPad ERP into his warehouse operations.

Markely outfitted each of the company’s forklifts with the iPad to make supply chain execution significantly more efficient. Immediate results of the iPad deployment are visible in Markley Enterprises put-away process. Instead of jotting notes with pen and paper, employees simply input the data into their iPad ERP, which dramatically reduces the time wasted on walking to terminals and manually inputting data.

Markley even conducted an experiement to see the effects of the iPad.After placing pedometers on employees, Markley found that using the iPad equipped with ERP caused employees to take 30% fewer steps to fulfill their task, and they became more productive as a result.

Even with this successful iPad ERP deployment, Markely still claims he is not done, and he plans to add iPads to the carts his employees use to streamline the picking up process. Administrators of the ERP system will decide in real-time the necessary orders needed, and send them out through spreadsheet via email, this allows employees to immediately receive their work instructions and act accordingly.

Markley views his implementation of the iPad, complete with the warehouse management system, as a result of the rise in cloud computing. With web access anytime and anywhere, implementing a warehouse management systems through the iPad ERP allows for real-time updates which allow for faster reaction times to any potential issues and the streamlining of multiple business processes that reduce operating costs.

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