FusionOps Insight: The New Business Analytics Dashboard

FusionOps’ business analytics products have been getting quite a bit of attention lately. The general consensus on their offerings—which integrate with users’ existing ERP platforms—is that they are fine products, but in many ways they could potentially threaten the companies FusionOps wants to partner with. Just last month they launched a new metrics delivery dashboard, aptly named FusionOps Insight, and we’re going to take a look at it here.

Insight is being marketed as a Performance Management application, but it’s really an analytic dashboard environment that delivers metrics on inventory management, procurement and spending, supply chain management, and supplier performance. Customers can download a trial version of the support software, then grant FusionOps read-only access to SAP ERP information, and from there the data is uploaded and customers are notified when particular metrics and reports are available online. Some are considering it business intelligence rather than business performance management because the data supplied by the dashboard is not focused on a company’s strategic goals.

FusionOps Insight works alongside another on-demand service, FusionOps Streamline, which automates supply chain and procurement processes for SAP and Oracle ERP environments (Insight for Oracle will be available in future). Streamline was launched in January of this year, and as a SaaS ERP product, it has been lauded for it cost-effectiveness and speedy deployment times.

While FusionOps (which is not related to Oracle Fusion…this confused me at first)offers a lightweight product and good ROI, it’s tough to disagree with critics pointing out that the company will have some difficulty staying afloat if they continue running on a partner system. Oracle and SAP both have business intelligence and analytics modules, so the idea that they’d give FusionOps that business for very long is doubtful. But only time will tell.

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