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Top ERP Vendors: None Can Compare with SAP’s Verizon Partnership

Spend any serious time researching top ERP vendors and you will quickly learn that companies you have never even heard of will refer to themselves as leading the industry or as one of the top ERP vendors. Without really knowing how to measure their value in the market, you are sometimes left with simply believing […]

Compare ERP: The Cloud vs On-Premise Solutions

If yours is a small business, chances are you have examined the potential of enterprise resource planning technologies, only to find that on-premise solutions require the infrastructure, hardware and licensing beyond what your cash flow can support. Interestingly enough, when you start to compare ERP today, you’ll find that not only are on-premise ERP platforms […]

ERP Software Packages

ERP is a modern merge of the components of business management practices, modern information technology (IT), and specific business objectives. Modern ERP software packages are a massive software architecture that supports the streaming of information across a company’s departments or business units, even those that are geographically dispersed. ERP software packages allow executives and other […]

Why ERP Software is a Necessity

Whether a company is listed in the Fortune 500 or is an up-and-coming business, effective ERP software is a necessity to survive and grow, even in the very best of economic times. ERP Software For Distribution Companies Without an effective ERP software solution in place, distribution businesses would not be able to accurately track and […]

ERP Software Systems to Make Your Life Easier

ERP software systems evolved over the past few decades from material resource planning (MRP) applications, which had been successful in improving the performance of manufacturing companies. ERP solutions extend beyond manufacturing to control all major business units, including finance, customer service, and logistics. The applications reduce costs and improve efficiency to deliver rapid ROI and […]

How to Choose the Right ERP for Small Business?

Choosing the right ERP for a small business can make the difference in its future growth, profitability, and its ultimate survival in very competitive markets. The right ERP for small business package can allow a business to lower its costs, increase sales, close more new business and streamline business processes. Budget for ERP for Small […]

The Advantages of ERP

There are many advantages of ERP; regardless of the company’s size or industry. An effective ERP system allows a company to apply lean manufacturing techniques throughout the organization and optimize communications both internally and externally. When implemented and managed correctly, an ERP solution allows a company to consolidate many software applications that do not work […]

ERP Software for Small Businesses

For the last two decades, ERP software vendors have concentrated on the large corporate market for revenues to drive growth. Now, many influential software companies are recognizing the potential of ERP to provide value to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are developing ERP software for small businesses. More SMEs are looking for a better […]

Choosing the Right ERP for SME

There is a host of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions on the market today for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), but they are not all the same. Some solutions excel in different areas, and the right ERP for small business depends on which aspects of the business are most in need of improvement in order […]

Best Steps for a Successful ERP System Implementation

The most successful ERP system implementations result when an organization takes the time to carefully conduct an ERP comparison of the features of leading ERP solutions on the market and the capabilities of those vendors. Whichever solution is chosen, the organization must be prepared for an extended implementation process and for its employees to experience […]