ERP Software Articles

Mobile ERP: Beyond the Cloud

Innovations in mobile ERP technology are moving past the cloud and offering mobile programs and apps for total organizational information with a time-sensitive edge. According to a report by IDC, more than 1.19 billion employees across the globe will utilize mobile tools by 2013, a figure representing more than a third of the total workforce. […]

SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor: 3 Enterprise ERP Solutions

Enterprise ERP solutions have already gained notoriety for the impact they can bring to any organization. The ability to get a picture of your entire organization, no matter how large, all through the lens of one software program has proven invaluable to many a company. Allowing each department to manage its little part while being […]

Improving Your Company with Human Resource Software

Your employees are easily your most valuable asset, yet they can also be your most expensive. You likely have specific human resource management solutions in place to manage information and processes pertaining to your employees, but are your human resource managers steeped in paperwork and error correction? If you leverage proven human resource software platforms, […]

3 Types of ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is gaining momentum in the global market as companies are embracing the economic recovery and seeking to gain more control over internal processes. The challenge in adopting ERP, however, is found in the different types of ERP software. The sheer volume of providers alone is enough to send any key […]

Why Your Company Needs to Use Accounting Software

Accounting software is a component of your company that cannot be ignored. Even the best company can be more effective and more efficient by using a quality accounting software program to standardize their processes and ensure accuracy. Accounting Software Features that Matter Include the General Ledger An important accounting software feature for your company is […]

Cloud Accounting Software: Is it Safe Yet?

Is it safe to put your critical customer and organizational financial data into a cloud accounting software system? If you’re leery, you’re likely to be among several of your peers. Cloud computing is continuing to see extremely rapid growth among computing and software solutions. By 2012 an eye-opening 80 percent of all Fortune 1000 organizations […]

Are The Answers to Your Company’s Problems in the Clouds?

The traditional ERP system is not for the faint of heart. While there have been many advances, ERP is still a very complex business solution that can entail hiring a professional IT staff and purchasing expensive hardware and software. Moving small and medium-sized businesses to a cloud ERP solution could not only be more productive […]

Protect Your Business Information with ERP Systems

Alexander Polyakov, an employee for the Digital Security Research Group, as well as Val Smith of Attack Research, held a conference with business owners who were ready to implement their ERP systems at their companies. The news they shared was shocking to say the least, but it was also one of the most important conferences […]

Research All ERP Software Companies Before you Buy

There are many ERP software companies out there that would love to get your business. Your job as a business owner is to decide which ones are worthwhile and which ones are not. Not all ERP software companies are the same which means not all ERP software is the same. You must decide which modules […]

Are You There Yet With Your ERP Software?

What does an enterprise do, anyway and what does it mean to a resource or a planning system? An enterprise, by definition in business terms, is the integration across your diverse business operations into a unified computer system that can meet the requirements of your finance, human resources and manufacturing divisions, to name a few. […]