ERP Implementations Taking Longer and Costing More.

According to a recent study conducted by the Panama Consulting Group, ERP Implementations are becoming more complicated and costing more. Although this finding is counterintuitive with normal expectations, not all of these problems may be due to the software providers.

Only 13% of respondents were satisfied with their implementation processes which makes for significantly poor results. Many companies also state that employees do not readily embrace their new software products. Often, poor planning by the company is to blame as companies are not prepared for the new implementations. To improve these processes, companies need to better train and prepare employees for upcoming changes.

ERP Software is a complex and challenging thing to learn. Companies can hire consultants to help assist in this challenging process.

Although this report poses many challenges for ERP providers, it allows companies to understand the significance and complexity an ERP Software implementation is supposed to be. For more information on this report, you can read the full report here.

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