Epicor ERP Selected by KMF to Raise Competition

UK Manufacturing solutions contractor, KMF, has chosen Epicor ERP to implement and replace all KMF systems to better the visibility of information across the enterprise. As an internationally renowned leader in business software solutions, KMF instinctively relied on Epicor ERP to solve their business needs.
A business improvement manager at KMF claims that KMF has created numerous discrete manufacturing systems for company management and reporting data, but needed to find a solution to integrate those processes together to optimize the value of production. Without the aid of Epicor ERP, their legacy system would be prone to malfunctions due to an overload of data and resources. KMF chose Epicor ERP to deliver the correct data to the appropriate party, on schedule, with minimal difficulty. 

KMF plans to switch out all previously installed software systems with Epicor ERP, trusting that Epicor systems will allow smoother data transference, better decision-making, and ultimately lead KMF to raise their competitive edge in the manufacturing industry. Prior to implementing Epicor, KMF faced challenges regarding pipeline visibility since KMF is a make-to-order business. Epicor resolves this issue by providing users visibility for customer requirements ahead of time and allowing KMF to increase their efficiency in production and eliminate many of their existing restrictions.

Make-to-order companies change constantly, which inhibit the ability to predict future expectations. Unlike many ERP systems, Epicor eliminates this challenge for make-to-order companies as well as accommodates the unique but difficult needs needed by these enterprises. KMF is impressed with Epicor’s powerful and flexible features in their systems. 

KMF has experienced tremendous growth in the last year and plans to continue this upward journey, expanding into new industries of software. This company believes that Epicor’s ERP solution will endure and optimize business growth well into another decade. During the search for the perfect ERP system, KMF carefully reviewed five systems until they safely decided on Epicor. They believe that Epicor will be the core of attaining complete management of products, inventory level, and trackability. 

Epicor understands that visibility across an enterprise is one of the most pressing difficulties in managing a manufacturing business. Other systems seem to be incapable of providing consumers with the visibility of information necessary to optimize production, sometimes forcing customers to face an unacceptable delay. Epicor uses this insufficiency as an angle to gain competitive advantage over other ERP systems. Epicor guarantees customers full data visibility on schedule and with this data easily accessible to users.

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  1. Hopper Grace says:

    All information are very well.This blog tells about ERPBest Erp Software . i need some more details.

  2. Hopper Grace says:

    All information are very well.This blog tells about ERP Best Erp Software .I need some more details.

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