Does Your Company Need ERP Software?

In today’s ever changing economy, companies are struggling to find ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Enterprise resource planning (ERP software) was developed over 40 years ago to help companies improve the efficiency of various business processes. What company wouldn’t benefit from having its business processes streamlined?

What is ERP Software?

ERP software combines methodologies with software and hardware components to integrate numerous critical back-office functions across a company. Made up of a series of modules, or applications that are seamlessly linked together through a common database, allowing for greater communication throughout a company’s departments.

ERP Software: Software to Help Your Business

ERP Software can help businesses run more smoothly; which increases customer satisfaction while reducing a company’s operating cost. ERP software helps facilitate daily tasks by reducing repetitive business activities that waste time and money.
ERP software also eliminates data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely and accurate data. With increased access to timely data, companies can then make more accurate assessments of needs and better measurements of goals vs. outcomes.

ERP Software Features

ERP Software encompasses a wide variety of software which can cover many different tasks. The benefits of ERP software is to streamline your business processes, ERP does so by incorporating all your important business functions into one software program.

Most ERP Suites contain the same type of modules:

In short, ERP software can help businesses run their daily operations with increased efficiency across its back office business functions. Because of the wide variety of ERP software available to companies, it’s important for companies to first asses what its needs are and then compare vendors to find the right software to meet those needs. A good place to start researching vendors is in the Top 20 ERP Vendors white paper.

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