Advantages of Open Source ERP

Open source ERP systems are growing in popularity, thanks in part to the state the economy. Open source ERP software gives businesses the ability to optimize their business processes while minimizing IT expenditure. ERP system implementation is the key to streamlining business operations, however some ERP solutions can be expensive to install. Open source ERP software systems provide users with a feasible alternative to expensive ERP.

Advantages of Open source ERP for Business owners:
“ No Licensing fees
“ No royalties
“ Own the code including all source code
“ Customizability

One of the most expensive costs of implementing an ERP system is the cost of maintenance and support. Open source ERP systems don’t require an IT staff for website management. Open source ERP software gives users all the tools they need without the upkeep fees. Open source ERP isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it has several advantages over traditional ERP.


Open source ERP provides its users with flexibility, unlike traditional ERP. When it comes to open source ERP, everything is decided by code. Companies can make code modifications without support from the vendor. Open source ERP also doesn’t interfere with the regular schedule of the company during implementation.

Duration, Dependence and Results

Open source ERP takes significantly less time to implement than its traditional counterpart. Open source ERP has a built in process therefore companies rely less on vendors and take care of needs by themselves. Open source ERP software users can also enjoy high productivity rates and low failure rates.


Traditional ERP software requires in-depth training to work with the system which in turn requires time and money. Open source ERP solutions do not require as much training. The source code acts as more than just a training manual.


Commercial/traditional ERP systems are less secure than open source ERP software. Although both types of ERP systems are prone to hacks and other security breaches, open source ERP systems are transparent and any abnormalities will be made apparent to users.

There are several advantages to using an open source ERP system. However, it is best to do research beforehand, as different companies have different business needs.

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