Syspro ERP Software Review

SYSPRO has been creating enterprise business solutions since it was formed in 1978. SYSPRO has over 14,000 licensed companies using SYSPRO products in more than 60 countries. SYSPRO 6.1 is the latest ERP solution released by SYSPRO and is made to increase a company’s visibility into company processes through customizable dashboards and alerts to help decision makers make better business decisions.

SYSPRO 6.1 includes increased focus on corporate governance and sustainability with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Process Management (BPM). SYSPRO 6.1 also includes reporting capabilities made to supply companies with comprehensive view of business activities.

SYSPRO 6.1 Key Features:

  • Accounts Payable: SYSPRO Accounts Payable improves cash flow, while maintaining close relationships with suppliers by providing timely, accurate and efficient control of processing invoices, paying bills and analyzing expenses and available discounts.
  • Accounts Receivable: SYSPRO Accounts Receivable improves cash flow management by accumulating and managing customer activity and ensuring timely revenue collection and effective reporting.
  • Collections: Serves as a proactive tool for debt collectors by assigning invoices to collectors, monitoring collection efforts and retaining account collection history.
  • Bills of Materials: SYSPRO Bill of Materials facilitates an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs. The complete bill forms the basis for material and capacity planning, shop floor control and costing. This allows companies to create and maintain a model of manufactured or assembled products as well as generate what-if costing scenarios.
  • General Ledger: SYSPRO General Ledger facilitates the management of corporate performance and monitors return on investment by providing complete enterprise-wide financial recording, analysis and reporting from all aspects of the business. It can also integrate with all other SYSPRO modules.
  • Quotations: SYSPRO Quotations gives companies flexibility of producing quotes with multiple offers for stocked and/or customized (estimated) items for existing or prospective customers.
  • Purchase Orders: SYSPRO Purchase Orders helps companies monitor the quality, accuracy, lead times and costs of purchases while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.
  • Inventory: SYSPRO Inventory enables effective customer servicing and improved profits by providing companies with superior inventory control that optimizes stocking levels and forms the core of the accounting, distribution and manufacturing facilities. SYSPRO inventory can also integrate with all the major functions of the systems and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings.
  • Requirements Planning: SYSPRO Requirements Planning uses projected demand and supply to help companies plan and create realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules. It also helps companies identify capacity constraints, and maintains optimal stock holdings in a multi-site and multi-warehouse environment.

Companies Using SYSPRO:
Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW) Canada, Bennett Tool & Die Co., Daniels Electronics, EMC Document Systems, Dupar Controls Inc., World Precision Instruments, TriStar Plastics Corp, Cedarlane Laboratories, Crosby Molasses, Titanium Sports Technologies, Chocolate Potpourri, Sound Surgical Technologies, Mac Paper, Inc.

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