Consona ERP Announces Made2Manage® Product Direction

Management team unveils the plan for Made2Manage .NET.

Indianapolis, IN (June 02, 2008) –

Consona ERP, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for small and midsize manufacturers, today announced that Made2Manage Version 7.0 (v7.0) will be built on Microsoft .NET technology.

“We’re excited to offer the usability, performance and expansion advantages of Microsoft .NET to our customers,” said Scott Malia, general manager of Consona ERP. “Our customers require high-quality technology, product availability, and service. The Made2Manage product development team has pioneered the use of Microsoft platforms since 1986 to meet these needs, and this is another step in delivering robust, affordable ERP software.”

“Our customers are happy with how Made2Manage ERP is helping them run their businesses,” said Frank O’Nell, director of product management for Consona ERP. “This product was developed for the special requirements of custom manufacturers in machine design and production and metal fabrication. We continue to focus on their functional and technical needs.”

O’Nell continued: “Our v6.0 release, currently in beta, will add significant new functionality in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and planning and scheduling. Enhancements to our field service and manufacturing execution systems (MES) modules are currently in development. Moving to .NET will accelerate our efforts to deliver even more customer-requested functionality.”

Steve Bailey, CTO for Consona ERP added, “We recognize the technical advantages for our customers in adding the Microsoft .NET option to Made2Manage ERP. Also, we are excited at the progress our programming resources have made over the last 18 months. We have already started the Made2Manage v7.0 .NET project with an outstanding set of development tools that match our specific needs, including established class libraries that support the transition from Microsoft Visual Fox Pro (VFP) to.NET managed code.”

Alan Griver, product manager for Microsoft, stated that Microsoft continues to invest in providing outstanding tools for development and quality assurance. “Microsoft is committed to providing development resources that will assist Consona ERP in adding the .NET option for its Made2Manage customers,” he said. “Microsoft VFP is an excellent product architecture for making this transition.”

Although Microsoft has announced it will discontinue support for VFP in 2015, Scott Malia said that enhancements to the VFP version of Made2Manage, as well as ongoing compatibility with future versions of both Vista and SQL, will extend the life of VFP-based products well beyond Microsoft’s timeframe.

Malia confirmed that, despite Microsoft’s decision, current Made2Manage customers will be protected. “We’ll continue to support the Made2Manage VFP application,” he said. “And if our customers want to take advantage of the benefits of a .NET architecture, Made2Manage .NET will be available.”

“Our product direction will always be driven by customer needs,” added Malia. “We will continue to build new releases using Consona’s proven customer-driven product development process, and we will continue to offer a full set of services that complement every upgrade option our customers have.”

About Consona Corporation and Made2Manage ERP:
Consona Corporation (Consona, formerly known as M2M Holdings, Inc.) is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services to the enterprise. The Consona ERP business unit includes two leading products that enable over 2,500 customers to continuously improve their business processes. Made2Manage ERP is a quality-infused, comprehensive software application that helps manufacturers with mixed-mode production processes integrate every aspect of their business around a single, enterprise-wide system. Made2Manage ERP offers functionality that meets the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing industries, including industrial and commercial machinery, rubber and plastics, electronics, transportation equipment, measuring and controlling devices, furniture and fixtures, fabricated metals, and durable goods. For further information, visit, e-mail info @, or call (800) 626-0220.

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