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High Customer Satisfaction Levels with Consona’s Made2Manage ERP

Consona is proud to announce that its Made2Manage ERP Software has the highest overall customer satisfaction rate since 2003. This 100 percent consumer driven product has continued to draw high ratings by listening and implementing customer ideas into the product. With continued investment and improvement in its product, Made2Manage was able to successfully introduce the […] makes ERP Software Hosting Services Available Outsourcing has recently been released by Visibility Corporation. The introduction of this service into the ERP marketplace should provide customers with more options to help reduce costs in maintaining the ERP Software platform. With Outsourcing, companies can rely completely on Visibility Corporation to keep their systems up and running 24 hours a day, […]

New Dashboard Features Enhances Deacom Accounting ERP Software

Deacom is proud to introduce the new functionality available in its Accounting and ERP Software Solution. This new dashboard functionality should help building and process manufacturing companies with many of their reporting capabilities. With Deacom, all aspects of the manufacturing process are easily handled in its comprehensive ERP system. From purchasing to tracking, Deacom provides […]

ERP Accounting Software Vital to a Successful Business

The value of ERP Software can often not be calculated into dollars and cents. ERP Software provides benefits that often lead to cost savings and improved efficiency within the organization. Many of these savings may be overlooked when considering the costs and benefits of an ERP Solution which has made some companies overlook the potential […]

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Visibility.Net Outsourcing Provides ERP Hosting Services

With the availability of Outsourcing, has made ERP hosting services available for companies. Outsourcing manages and maintains all aspects of the hardware and software installation and configuration necessary for your company. On-Call help is available 24 hours a days and 7 days a week to ensure your hardware is up and running […]


ERP Consolidation Cuts Costs, but Other Changes Necessary

Although ERP Consolidation can cut company costs drastically, other changes are necessary in order for ERP software to be a worthwhile project to consider. Consolidation into ERP Software combines multiple databases into a single repository of information. However, in order to be truly effective, business processes must also be changed to facilitate the new software. […]

ERP Software Pricing Reflecting Current Economic Conditions

As the worldwide recession continues to take its toll on company budgets all over the world, software providers are coming up with new customer friendly pricing plans to help fit into company budgets. Traditional rigid pricing structures have been replaced with more flexibility, allowing room to negotiate with companies on prices in order to help […]

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The Downside of ERP Software

ERP Software has frequently been showered with praise as it often helps companies lower budgets and helps boost the productivity of its employees. Its role in improving efficiency within the company has helped many companies grow successfully. However, all this success does have a tradeoff. The often ignored downside of ERP Software is a result […]

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SYSPRO Named Software Company of The Year

Syspro, a leading provider of ERP software, has received the “Software Company of the Year Award” from the Technology Council of Southern California. The award recognizes SYSPRO’s committment to its software and the continued innovation in its product to create a more positive environment in the software industry. SYSPRO met a long list of criteria […]

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VServe Technologies Launches Vmanage Web-Based ERP

As companies struggle to even survive in this difficult economic climate, it is hard for them to consider new ERP Software. With the costly expenses associated with ERP Software, it is often way out of a company’s budget. However, the new solution introduced by VServe Technologies can be a welcome change for many small and […]

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