Plex Online E-Commerce ERP Software Review

Plex Online E-Commerce

Plex Online E-Commerce is a full-featured and comprehensive Internet-based application that connects manufacturers with their suppliers and their customers. The Plex Online E-Commerce system fulfills the vision of E-Commerce in all its many forms, ranging from online orders and shipping, to inventory tracking and online supplier management.

Plex Online E-Commerce Key Features:

  • Customer Module
  • Online Order Inquiry
  • Cross Company Integration
  • Specialized Online Databases
  • Coupon Clearing
  • Online Order Entry
  • Online Material Certifications
  • Online Shipping Documents
  • Online Problem Control / Customer Concerns
  • Electronic Money Orders
  • Electronic Coupons
  • E-Commerce with Suppliers
  • Supplier List
  • Online Releases to Suppliers
  • Online Tool Releases
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Online Supplier PPAP
  • Online E-RFQ Tracking System
  • Online Supplier Scorecard
  • Charge Back System / Cost Recovery

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