Infor Manufacturing ERP Review

Infor Manufacturing ERP

Infor Manufacturing ERP is made to help order driven manufacturing businesses the ability to balance customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability.

Infor Manufacturing ERP features:

  • include sales planning
  • quotation and order processing
  • configuration and variant management
  • production planning and control
  • sub-contract management
  • inventory and purchasing management
  • environmental regulatory compliance tools
  • costing and value flow management

Infor ERP’s manufacturing solutions helps companies:

  • streamline logistics operations to minimize warehouse costs
  • optimize planning to deliver the right products on time and on budget
  • improve performance by capturing and sharing rich, strategic data
  • capture real-time shop floor data to adapt processes and reduce costs
  • accelerate critical information between you and your suppliers

Infor Manufacturing ERP can automate the planning process across a business to create consistent production plans and deliver the right product on time and on budget. Execution management capabilities enable you to integrate shop floor information by capturing real-time manufacturing data so businesses can adapt their processes and reduce costs.

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