Infor Lean Manufacturing ERP Review

Infor Lean Manufacturing ERP Software

Infor Lean Manufacturing ERP is geared towards for manufactures looking to balance inventory levels and global supply chains with improved performance, quality and customer satisfaction. Infor’s concept of lean goes beyond the factory and includes the processes of suppliers, customers, logistics and partners.

Infor Lean Manufacturing Key Capabilities:

  • Improve on-time delivery performance
  • Shorten lead time and speed order turnaround
  • Improve quality and reduce defects for fewer returns
  • Reduce operational costs and provide better pricing to customers
  • Increase capacity to accommodate higher customer order volumes
  • Improve profitability and grow capital to invest in new strategic initiatives
  • Become more agile and flexible

Infor Lean Manufacturing ERP is designed to build greater trust and improved communication between internal and external participants, the organization as a whole can take the first step to improving quality, increasing efficiency, decreasing operational costs, and boosting profitability. As a result, increased customer satisfaction, improved employee morale and retention, and a newly found ability for increased capacity to grow the business.

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