Infor Quality Management ERP Review

Infor ERP Quality Management

Infor Quality Management ERP is made to help order driven manufactures balance productivity, quality assurance, customer satisfaction and profitability. Infor solutions integrates logistics and quality management processes.  With quality becoming even more prevalent to keep customers, companies are looking to Quality Management ERPs to attain the highest level of quality controls.

Infor ERP Quality Management Key Capabilities:

  • Manage quality across multiple plants and distributed teams
  • Improve decision-making with real-time, accurate engineering and product data
  • Monitor supplier performance against industry benchmarks
  • Increase customer satisfaction with shorter response times
  • Establish and manage criteria to support industry standards and regulations
  • Improve collaboration between employees, suppliers, and customers
  • Reduce the cost of goods sold

Infor Quality Management ERP is ideal for companies who make complex products. The Quality Management ERP allows users to streamline businesses processes by facilitating the collection, analysis, and control of key data.

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