Infor ERP Software


Infor ERP Manufacturing solutions are made to be used discrete manufacturing companies as well as process manufacturers. Infor ERP offers software solutions for both industries to reduce cost by streamlining their processes while creating a better product.  Infor also offers a Fast Start program to aid in a roll out implementation.

Infor’s customer base comprises of mid-market discrete manufacturing enterprises in industrial equipment, high-tech electronics, automotive, metal and plastic fabrication, and aerospace sectors, as well as mid-market process manufacturers in consumer goods, chemical, and food and beverage markets.

Key Benefits of Infor ERP

  • Cut costs and produce better products
  • See what’s happening in every corner of your business
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Get the right product to the right customer at the right time
  • Keep the promises you make to your customers

Infor ERP Modules:

Companies using Infor ERP Software
Herman Miller, Shaklee, ThermoFab, Belden Brick, Lacks Enterprises, Inalfa Roof Systems, Superior Fastening Technology Limited, International Truck and Engine Corporation, Del Monte, Cumberland Packing, Organic Valley Family of Farms, Cadbury plc, Heinz Frozen Foods

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